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    Quote Originally Posted by Arthur Victus View Post
    To the Host and Judges of the competition I would like to make a request if you please. I am sure that there are many much like myself that would like to hear/ see a list of the entrants, and atleast the names of their posts. And if possible to see the cuts as they are/were made. I know it seems like a lot of work, but it sure would make for some great suspense and excitement as well as provide a bit of encouragement for those that have participated. For example those that are still in after the first cut and their submissions that have made it past the first cut:
    Name: Submission(s): Forum, and then each consecutive cut until the finalists are narrowed...

    Sincerely Arthur Victus.
    I understand you wanting to see some information about how the judging is going. If I were in your position, I would hope for some feedback as well. Personally I just returned from vacation and am trying to tie up the ends with this contest. I have left the cuts in the hands of the judges. Creating a system where entries and voted on and reduced in number until you have winners is a very slow system, particularly when you have as many entries as we have. Therefore it is the responsibility of the judges to make that call and reduce it on their own. They will then submit their final cuts to me, and we will discuss which ones will be declared the winner. So, posting the developments as they come up is somewhat difficult.

    However, it is my goal to have the winners announced by the end of this week, and I will work very hard to make sure that happens.

    again I apologize for the delays, but we'll get there soon, just stick with me. Thank again for all the great participation! :D

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    Here are some skills that came to mind. If I don't win I hope everyone at least finds them funny, enjoy!!

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    GWOnline.Net Member Sjeng's Avatar

    Far Shiverpeaks

    Limburgse Jagers

    lol at forked arrow and dual shot xD
    Can't wait to see the results :D
    *crosses fingers*

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    You guys know that those didn't count, right? You posted too late.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Waiting for this contests results.

    someone probably saw the contest on guru and decided to stage a contest here, just to use the best entries for himself on the guru competition! Paranoia everywhere!

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    GWOnline.Net Member dark3's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by cantan View Post
    someone probably saw the contest on guru and decided to stage a contest here, just to use the best entries for himself on the guru competition! Paranoia everywhere!
    You do know that the two contest are the same and that all the entries will be evaluated together, right?
    Not sure if you were just joking though

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    hey guys, I garuntee they'll be up today. Probably in about an hour or two. Sorry for the wait. : )

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    Winners Announced!!

    Hello All!!
    Thank you SO much for participating! I had an amazing time reading this thread and watching everyone submit entries. Unfortunately the judging to longer than expected, but we got there none the less and have some great winners!

    To start with, we created 5 addition categories to place extra winners into. We had so much fun judging them all, that we couldn't possibly just leave it at only 3 winners.
    The first category was Humor. This was as simple as which image did you just keep coming back to? Which one did the judges just find hilarious.
    Second, we chose Creativity. Being a contest based on creativity, some extra prizes for it seemed fitting. This was for those images that took a very imaginative approach.
    Third, Simplicity. This category was for the images that got straight to the point. Where you looked at the it and the skill and thought "Well... can't really argue with that."
    Fourth was the strangest image category. We wanted to create this category for those images that interpreted the words in a manner that was completely different and we NEVER would have thought of... an idea that totally took us by surprise.
    Finally, the best Mangling of the original text. This category was for the images that took the most creative liberty with the actual text of the words that they were illustrating.

    So without further adieu I'd love to present our winners!
    Each winner in the following categories gets a prize of 10,000 gold, 4 Globs of Ectoplasm, and 1 Obsidian Shard.
    Headbutt from Sjeng (Guildwars Guru)
    Shell Shock from Arden Kindlecorpse (Guildwars Guru)

    Diversion from Arduinna (Guildwars Guru)
    Illustion of Haste from Nerevar (Guildwars Guru)

    Triple Chop from salmondefender (Guildwars Guru)
    Tease from Minelle Tempest (Guildwars Online)

    Juvenile Termite Leg from Little Shenanigan (Guildwars Guru)
    Parasitic Bond from Sheol (Guildwars Guru)

    Catacombs of Cathandrax from Stig Figger (Guildwars Guru)
    Twin Moon Sweep from dark3 (Guildwars Online)

    For Third Place the prize is materials and gold for a set of three destroyer weapons, our winner is...
    Guild Wars by H2SO4 Guildwars Guru

    Second Place the prize is an armbrace of truth, our winner is...
    Dancing Daggers by RavenGT from Guildwars Guru

    And finally, the first place prize, a fully paid for set of Fissure of Woe armor with a [DVDF] escort to the forgemaster goes to...:
    Edge of Extinction by Torsen1 from Guildwars Guru

    Congratulations to all of our winners and once again, a huge thank you goes out to everyone that participated.
    Additional thanks to:
    Shanaeri Rynale
    The list of many donors who graciously gave their time and money to make this possible.
    ArenaNet and Regina Buenaobra for listening to my idea and supporting me by posting it on the official Guildwars site.

    Thank you,
    Darith Kaulk[DVDF]

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    Well, gratz everyone. The judges seem to have a personal vendetta against people from GWOnline, but, eh, I'm ranting. Can't say I'm too happy about the 1st prize pick though. Didn't see any humor in it, mainly because I am not in elementary school.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Notorious BOB's Avatar

    Excellent - the 'winner' isn't even a Dingbat!

    Perhaps the 'creators' of this contest should understand what it is they're asking for BEFORE they post the competition to the web.

    Sad that so many people simply wasted their time because this was a comp run by high school kids for high school kids.

    Guessing that many people are feeling cheated right now.

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