The Misfits of the Oblivion is a Kurzick guild looking for friendly members to join our ranks. Our primary focus is PVE although we periodically enjoy battling Luxons in Alliance Battles. We have no faction farming requirement. Our guild hall is the Isle of Weeping Stone from Factions and has full services.

The concept of our guild is to establish a tight-knit group of players who put more value into friendship, loyalty and respect than the game's rewards. Titles, elite armor, and rare weapons are nice to have, but we want to be more of a guild who focuses on the people behind the characters. To put it bluntly, Misfits of the Oblivion is not a farming or title hunting guild, but a people guild. We are the type of guild where our primary goal is to have fun in an atmosphere that is family-friendly and where coop-play among friends is preferred.

We're looking for like-minded people who believe the same as we do. Misfits of the Oblivion is looking to grow in size to 25-30 people max. The minimum age requirement is 18 years old. However, we do believe that age doesn't always reflect maturity so exceptions can be made.

The guild's Code of Conduct and Guild Etiquette are required to be read if you are interested in joining. You must first register with guildportal.com (if you haven't already). Then you'll see a Welcome at the top of the page followed by a link to join the guild. These are the application questions. Please answer all questions.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me here, the website, or in the game. Our website can be found here.

Misfits of the Oblivion welcomes new players to the Guild Wars community.

Take care & happy gaming,
Star Munchkin