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    Free Trial Keys? anyone know of any?

    Hey just joined you're site and the trading site I have been a long time player of Guild Wars and have been following since before it came out.

    I was curious if anyone knows of any like 14-Day free trial codes or anything like that for Guild Wars? I want to get my little cousin a taste of the game so he starts playing with my friends and I.

    Thanks if you know anything about it or if ArenaNet has a program for it let me know :)

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    The trial keys are getting harder to come by, you could try emailing Anet support and seeing if they can help. Before they prevented trial accounts from trading, they first severely limited the availability of trial keys to fight gold farmers. EOTN came with trial keys, however Anet in their infinite wisdom, tied them to the account they were purchased on, even if you had all the chapters, if you bought using their online stores. Now that you can't trade on the trial accounts, I'd like to see a few more promotions put out, maybe attract some new players.

    Hopefully someone here will have an extra, but it couldn't hurt to drop Anet an email.

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    Alright thanks I should really try that. I remember from the first beta's and preview events that the accounts couldnt trade or do much eventhough everything was going to be erased anyways. It is smart on their part.

    but I used to do the trials for The Matrix Online the like $25 mmo that I refused to pay for and the whole Matrix universe was basically dead and offered the trials for all new accounts created.

    Im sure that Anet could do some promotion maybe a week in every month people can invite a friend to try out the game and play with them? or something like that thanks again though :)

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    Quick question

    Will I get a buddy key for each expansion I get cause I have all 3 orders on amazon.com and I have a friend or two i want to get into the game. So I assume I will but maybe someone can give me a definite answer?

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    Night Fall comes with both buddy key and trial key.

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