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    Evil ranger look

    Any idea? I'm still picking out the perfect evil face for my new ranger.

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    I don't get the question, are you looking for advice on which face you need to pick for your ranger or which armor/weapons later in the game?

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    I think the darkest ranger armor would be kurzic

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    Male or female? Maybe ancient armor, looks pretty dark imo, with the long coat (especially when you dye it black). I don't know about the kurzick though, I have it but my ranger (female) doesn't really look "evil" in it, more like pretty & gothic.

    And if you're looking for an evil look for a female ranger: I always really liked this face (it's from the Prophecies campaign), and I think it's the most "evil" looking you can get...

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    Thx Xero. I want to add I'm looking for Male ranger face, and armor that resembles Dark Elf's culture (black, leathery, think batman)

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    Which campaign do you want to make him in? I would like to help if I can find that out.

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    For armor I think primeval armor and a dread mask looks pretty evil, and undead bows have a really sinister look to them -reminds me of somethings WH dark elves would use.

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    That's my Ranger..only made him a few days ago and had like 3 people tell me he looks evil

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    who needs an evil face when u got the right gear :)

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