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    lol i thought not, well the last time i was still playing (which was like maybe 5-7 months ago?) Whammo's were already dying out anyway, although there was this one guild who still used W/Mo's at the time, they had a signet that purges various hexes/conditions i believe, but since i havent played in so long, i forgot what it was called >.>

    lol thanks for the reply tho =)

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    W/Mo sorta fizzed out, the search for more damage lead to the W/E with shock/conjure etc. There are some interesting things you can do with the W/Rt apart from death pact. W/R lets you use of Antidote Sig for blind removal to help the Monk's energy pool. A problem at the moment is condition spam right across the team, think Wounding Strike, poison etc. so the poor old RC Monk is getting pretty busy, and might take a while to clean Sig. of Midnight off the frontline. A Signet of Midnight Me/N with Plague Sending can really pump out the blindness with much better duration than a B-surge but for a lot less energy cost.

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    There's realistically only one wammo you'll ever run, and it'll be a split character with Mending Touch. Some people ran SoJ or WoH wammos, but tbh the "fun" factor stands out more than the "effective" factor for me.

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