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    Lightbulb Warrior 101 series

    As opposed to the Skill of the Day series, which focus on specific skills and cover them to some depth, this accompanying Warrior 101 "course" reviews the basics of the Warrior class. They are not meant to comprehensively tell you how to play a Warrior. Rather, these threads are intended to give (in general) newer players gentle nudges towards accepted choices in equipment and playstyle.

    More experienced Warrior players are of course more than welcome to comment and discuss these topics, and I strongly encourage all users to do so.

    These will be interspersed between Skills of the Day. I seem to have settled into a 2-3 week period between posts, which matches well with the level of activity in the Warrior forum.

    Here are the threads:

    1. Choosing a Weapon 1.0

    2. Choosing a Weapon 2.0

    3. Choosing Your Armor

    4. Equipment Enhancing

    5. Adrenaline and Energy

    6. Build Basics
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