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    Game Client Has Stopped Working

    Greetings All,

    Hoping someone here can help.

    Window Vista Ultimate 64
    e2160 chip OverClocked to ~3.0 Ghz
    4 gigs RAM (DDR2 667)

    Graphics Card: nVida 7950GT (updated)

    Sound Card: X-Fi Extreme Gamer (updated using Alchemy)

    Reproduce the BUG:
    Install Guild Wars Faction Platinum Edition
    Launch game from Vista Game Launcher
    Change Option from default graphics to 1440x900
    Play game for 1 minute
    Log Off
    Restart or Shut Down PC.

    Expected Behavior:
    Should be able to relaunch the game.

    Actual Behavior:
    Guild Wars will not launch
    Error message: Game Client Has Stopped Working

    Work around:
    Uninstall the game.
    Reinstall the game.
    You can play until you shutdown/restart PC.

    I just started playing this game which was fine for 2 days until I decided to change the graphics resolution from default to 1440x900.

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    Find the Guild Wars Application Program.
    Right Click and select Properties.
    Hit the Compatibility Tab.
    Check run as administrator (even if you log as an admin this must be checked).

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    Glad you sorted out the problem.

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    hehe. Thanks.

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