For those unfamiliar with the terms:

So, I was in Spain last week. While being bored in my hotelroom, I tend to watch a bit of TV. For those of you who have already forgotten what that is, it's what we watched before we had computer screens and the ability to download series over the "Internet".
Anyway, when watching the Spanish channels, I noticed every single foreign show, movie, commercial, etc. gets dubbed. Every. Single. Thing.
I for one found that extremely annoying. I can understand the need to dub certain TV shows intended for kids (Doraemon, Detective Conan, ...though the ones listed happen to be animes), but I can't find a good reason to dub shows aiming at a more adult audience (The Simpsons, Friends, Ugly Betty, ...) and even movies (Diamonds are Forever, The Fifth Element, ...).
I mean, you have a movie about a Brittish secret agent with a scottish accent (Sean Connery did DaF), then you have him speaking fluent Spanish and Blofeld going "Buenos Noches Senor Bond". I raged. It was even worse during the opening song, where they were apparently unable to put a translation on the bottom, so they had a deep male voice saying "Diamantes son Eternal" (or w/e, no hablo Espagnol).
Here in Belgium, we basically sub pretty much everything. Pokémon and the likes gets a dub. Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon shows get dubbed by the Netherlands (except King Arthur's Disasters, which gets subbed...). That's about it. Apart from that, every foreign show I've ever seen and pretty much every movie gets subs. Some movies get dubs for the kids, but in pretty much ALL cases, the subbed version is better. When they did a dub of "The Simpsons Movie", most fans were screaming "bloody murder". It was <.<

I just don't get why people would want to dub shows intended for an audience past a certain age. They should be able to read and watch the show at the same time, right? As an added bonus, you learn a bit about a foreign language. I learned English by watching TV. The first words I knew in French was from watching French TV, though I learned most of my French in school afterwards.

tl; dr: Do you like subs or dubs, /otf/ ?