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Thread: Help ;3

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    Help ;3

    So I joined yet another random guild, this time not made by me and some of the people were complete well, noobs. We've started to improve as a team, but let's just get to the point:

    Here's our build, pretty standard I would say

    Hammer War (earth shaker) << me
    Evis Axe (or mel derv if the other frontline is Capco.. they don't have proph)
    FC Water Snare Mes
    Dom Mes (hex Eater or Expel usually, they don't feel comfortable running P-block yet)
    Burning Arrow ranger
    RC Monk
    WoH Monk
    WoR Runner

    Now a few questions, obviously the build itself is pretty standard (I think, I haven't obsed in the last few days but I do remember seeing a handful of guilds with similar recently)

    Me(Hamemr War): The leader asked I ran /A with Death's charge in place of the usual rush. (Bar being Earthshaker,Crushing,Hammer Bash,Bull's Strike,Flail,Enraging Charge,Death's Charge, Rez Siggy)

    Would it be more beneficial to use rush?

    Other frontline: I really -really- like shock axes, however our other frontline doesn't have Proph, what builds would work for him?

    FC Mes: there's a few variations of this build, Icy Shackles, Water Trident, Shatterstone... what would you say the most effective version is?

    BA Ranger: Stay BA or go Magebane or Cripshot? I'm rather a fan of burning arrow myself, and I don't think he can react fast enough to make good enough use of magebane yet...

    Dom Mes: Expel or Hex eater? Or another dom build entirely? Keep in mind these people aren't top level and aren't the most skilled so P-block might not be the most effecient

    Monks: Any specific suggestions for them? Right now they run RC and WoH, both as /E with Aegis.

    Rt runner: The generic Rt/A you see everyone and their mother use.. any suggestions on how they can perform better?

    That is all.

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    I'd use rush.

    No idea about other frontline, maybe cripslash? Otherwise you're probably stuck with Dervish or Assa/Derv.

    I'd use shackles on your mes, with BA on your ranger and HEV on your mes. HEV is easy to use and there seem to be enough water hexes to make him worth the effort. Trident's KD is sorta mwuh when you have a hammer at the frontline, Shatterstone is very easy to use but offers absolutely no versatility and means you're only running one snare on the water mes - shackles allows for offensive play as well as defensive play and gives you more stand snares (which is always yay). The water mes should have enough snares to kick crip and run burning instead.

    Maybe run hex breaker on the mobs if they have trouble preveiling both themselves and the frontline.

    The best advice I can give to any runner is to be where you have to be and to communicate where you are and what you need. Once you can do those things you're pretty much ready.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Yue's Avatar

    I'd take magehunter's over earthshaker.

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    GWOnline.Net Member shardfenix's Avatar

    I cringe when people use axe warriors. They're not good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shardfenix View Post
    I cringe when people use axe warriors. They're not good.
    Oh? Explain please?

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    The explanation is he is Shard fenix and therefore don't listen to him. Axe warriors are good. Use conjure lightning seems to work for certain guilds, heh.

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    Well, there's obviously a reason people have been using eviscerate for so long :p

    I just wanted his reasoning.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Yue's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by shardfenix View Post
    I cringe when people use axe warriors. They're not good.
    Good joke.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    From a person like shard I would think his only reasoning would be that Wounding Strike Dervs outclass everything right now so why go with the weaker Evis war? But then again I personally still like Evis wars even with wounding strike dervs being so damn broken.

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