Let me give you a little info on me first. I have had Guild Wars since it came out, and bought all products until GWEN. I plan to buy GWEN in the near future though. I will have Guild Wars up and running once I get my computer. Now, I want to here the feedback from you guys.

[DOT] Dragonkin of Tyria. The guild will be a place to help out beginners, and just go out questing. Hang around on Teamspeak, go around the pvp arenas. It's a casual guild, no pressure or anything. It will be laid back.

Now, it may be laid back, but in no means will it be unorganized. We will have a forums and webspace setup. The website is also a great place to meet other people that play other games. We will also have a teamspeak server.

If you have a guild, and would like to talk about becoming a part of an alliance, let me know. You can catch me on Xfire, MSN, or AIM if you have any of those.
MSN and AIM are both : chicagofubtol91@aim.com
Xfire : toadisking

Feedback appreciated, and I will get back to you.