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    GWO Alliance of Friends Charter

    GWO Alliance of Friends Charter

    The purpose of this document is to provide a common reference for the GWO Alliance to use to guide us through working together. It is a living document that will be updated as changes are needed to bring improvement to the Alliance. All changes that are made to the Charter shall be made public, with the reasons for the change published to each Guild. Each Guild will be asked to agree to the changes to ensure that we all have the same information.

    Rules of Conduct

    I. ArenaNet’s Legal Agreements
    The EULA as provided to the community by ArenaNet and NCSoft is to be honored at all times. Any person found to be in violation of the EULA will be subject to discipline as decided by the respective Guild they are in and agreed by the rest of the Alliance. A violation of this nature is not acceptable as it damages the reputation of all Guilds in the Alliance.

    II. Alliance Meetings
    The Leadership of all Alliance Guilds will set aside one day each month to meet and address any issues that need to be covered. This is may include events that are scheduled and need planning as well as any other actions that need attention.

    III. Behavior
    All players in the game should be treated with respect, both in and out of the Alliance. As such, the use of foul language and racial slurs is prohibited. Alliance chat is expected to remain at a PG-13 level as some Guilds may have young members and we desire to provide a safe and friendly place to game. Each Guild has their own acceptable language policy that is under their control for Guild Chat.

    IV. Guild Sovereignty
    Each Guild Leadership in the Alliance is expected to police the members of their Guild. Each Guild is a sovereign entity with their own rules and guidelines. Should any event occur that is a violation of the Alliance charter, the information shall be delivered in full to the Leadership of the parent Guild for the member. They will be given a period of 14 days to fact find and render a ruling on the action to be taken. It is requested that they share this information to the Alliance Leadership in the next scheduled meeting.

    V. In-Game Names (IGNs)
    It is expected that all the members of the Alliance will maintain a standard on naming the characters they play that is commensurate with the EULA. With respect to the EULA you may be subject to being reported to ArenaNet and or to your Guild Leadership. Please keep the names respectable. In the event of a questionable name the Leadership of the parent Guild of the member will make the ruling on the name. We agree to accept the ruling of the Guild Leadership.

    VI. Unacceptable Actions & Behavior
    A violation of the following will generate a request to your Guild Leadership to fact find, and if found to be true, lead to your removal from the Alliance. The guild will be given a period of five days to address the incident.
    No player in the Alliance:
    a. Shall run bots of any description.
    b. Shall use exploits or hacks of any description.
    c. Shall buy or sell services in game for real world money.
    d. Shall run a scam or cheat in the game.
    VII. Rights for Appeal
    Should you feel that you have been unjustly accused of an event, you have the right to go to your Guild Leadership and request they review the event. Should the event involve more than one Guild, the Leadership of the Guilds involved will address this issue. It is recommended that all issues be handled at Guild level. The Alliance will assist if asked but the request must come from the Guild's Leadership.

    VIII. Alliance Chat - Rules of Conduct
    a. Alliance chat with respect to trade is limited to the following:
    i. If you have an item you wish to give away feel free to offer it on the Alliance chat.
    ii. If you are offering an item for sale at a reduced Alliance price, it is acceptable to offer in Alliance chat, but do not spam.
    b. It is acceptable to request help in alliance chat but, if you have made the same request several times and no one is responding, do not keep asking. Asking ten or more times will not improve the results and may cause others to turn off Alliance chat due to spam.
    IX. Rules Regarding Smurfing
    a. What is a Smurf?
    Smurfing, in the context of online gaming, refers to the practice of a well-known or highly-skilled player creating an unknown name, character or login, then using it to play against, defeat, and often humiliate low-skilled players. The unknown character/login is necessary to fool the low-skilled players into entering the game, particularly if the high-skilled player is known to have done this before. Often, the player utilizing this "smurfing" technique will intentionally lower their "rank" or "record" by intentionally losing many matches, to further enhance the appearance of his apparent ineptitude to the game in which he/she is playing. The oblivious opponent, seeing their low ranking, will see the match as an "easy win", which often leads to their further humiliation by being beaten by this apparent novice.
    b. Why is this bad for the Alliance?
    First we don’t wish to be affiliated with anything that can be seen as cheating. Additionally we don’t want to damage the joy of new players in the game. PvP is very competitive and it is challenging enough to learn with out being abused.
    c. Therefore we have established the rule that we shall not allow Guilds in the Alliance to participate in the running of a smurf Guild. A period of 10 to 14 days will be given to fact find and an Alliance meeting will be held with all Officers to review the issue and make a ruling.
    X. Procedure for Joining the Alliance
    a. Please provide to the Alliance leaders the following documents:
    i. Guild Rules and/or Code of Conduct.
    ii. IGN for all Officers.
    iii. If you have a web site, we ask that you provide a link to that site.
    iv. Please add a letter with your experience in other alliances and why you think you may be a good fit for this alliance. Also allow an existing Officer of the Alliance to join your guild temporarily in order to document your roster’s numbers and activity level.
    b. Upon receipt of the information requested above the Officers of the Alliance will review the application.
    c. Should the review process show that you are a potential good fit you will be given a 30 day trial in the alliance. In this period of time you will be welcomed into the Alliance and be invited to participate in any Alliance events that are occurring. Your participation within the Alliance will directly affect how you are viewed by the Alliance Leadership.
    d. After 15 days in the Alliance, each member Guild will run a poll for 14 days in their Guild forums for members to vote on whether the new Guild will stay or be asked to leave the Alliance. The results of the poll are to be presented by each Guild at the next Alliance Leaders meeting. A 2/3 vote will establish if the Guild is to be admitted into the Alliance. Should the Guild not be voted into the Alliance a formal letter will be sent with any related information that was used in making that ruling.
    XI. Method for Revising the Charter
    a. Each Guild shall pick 2 Officers to represent them for voting on any change.
    b. The change proposal shall be written with explanation of the reason for the change and if available examples or clear reasons for the need to make the proposed change.
    c. The change will be discussed in the regularly scheduled Alliance meeting.
    d. At the end of the open debate on the issue the 2 voting members from each Guild will have a vote with the results provided in the meeting.
    i.A tie is not a no vote the item may be addressed at a later meeting after more time has been given to review the need and/or additional information is made available.
    ii. A no vote closes the proposed change. The change may be reviewed and resubmitted but not at the same meeting.
    iii. A yes vote will place the article of change in the Alliance charter. And then each Guild will post the change to the members of the Guild they are representing. The method of this shall be at the discretion of the Guild Leadership.
    Thank you for following the simple rules listed above. If you have any questions about the rules ask your Guild's Officers. You may speak to any Officer at any time if you have concerns that need to be addressed in game and your Guild's Officers are not online. Please remember that we are all playing a game and you may not get an instant answer as they may be busy in game. Please be patient.

    We are currently allied with the following Guilds:
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    Alliance Etiquette

    Alliance etiquette help
    The GWO Alliance contains several hundred people of different ages with different background from all over the world. Therefore it is only natural that there are sometimes misunderstandings or disagreements. The Alliance charter provides a set of rules on how to behave, but they do not give advice on how to handle specific situations that invariably arise in an alliance of this size. We have therefore made this etiquette help document. It is not to be seen as rules set in stone, but rather as a guideline to help the Alliance run smoothly.

    1. General chat etiquette
    The Alliance chat (as well as team chats in Alliance teams) is where the Alliance comes together, and we want it to be a friendly place. It therefore is important that we all do our best to make it that way.

    i) A simple “Hi” in Alliance chat when coming on-line goes a long way.

    ii) When someone asks a question, try to answer. Even if you are too busy to help with a mission a short "Sorry in a mission ATM" is much more helpful than just ignoring the person. Likewise, if you get an answer to a question, remember to say thanks.

    iii) Everyone is encouraged to chat across the guilds in Alliance chat but, should the conversation move to a more personal level or to a topic that is not game related, please consider if you should move it to another channel. Especially if the Alliance chat is busy, for instance if people are trying to organize other events in chat.

    iv) Treat people as individuals, not as guild tags. If you had a bad experience with one person from a guild before that does not mean all members of that guild are the same.

    v) Chewing into someone for having a "bad build" or being "slow on the uptake" is neither respectful nor constructive. Remember that not everyone has played this game since release, so be patient when others fail to do things that you might think obvious or easy.

    vi) If you see someone being treated disrespectfully, speak up! It is very disheartening for someone to get treated badly with other people just watching

    2. Language etiquette
    The Alliance charter states that the Alliance chat should be kept at a “PG13” level. It is important to know what this means to avoid unnecessary conflict. PG13 is originally a US movie rating that means the following:
    PG-13 - Parents Strongly Cautioned - Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Films given this rating may contain sexual content, brief or partial nudity, some strong language and innuendo, humor, mature themes, political themes, terror and/or intense action violence. However, bloodshed is rarely present. This is the minimum rating at which drug content is present; marijuana is the maximum use for this rating, with a few exceptions. While PG-13 films usually have more profanity than PG films, this is not necessarily the case. A film that is given a PG-13 rating due to profane language and/or racial insults is given this rating because it contains more of these elements than a PG rating would permit, or the film contains uses of stronger profanities than a PG would permit. A film rated PG-13 for "intense violence" is given this rating if blood is present in a violent way.
    As a reference, popular PG13 movies include the Austin Powers series. (a large list of PG13 movies can be found here: http://www.gazillionmovies.com/MPAA/PG-13.htm)

    That said;

    i) Even though you are strictly allowed to use PG13 language, please try to be respectful if someone asks you to tone it down. Just because you are allowed to does not mean you have to use profanity.

    ii) If someone asks you to watch your language, be mature about it. If you went over the line (maybe you let the f-bomb slip), apologize.

    iii) If someone is using language you think is inappropriate, please take a moment to think if it should fall under the PG13 rule. If it does, you can still request a tone-down, but do it politely and realize that the other person would be doing as you ask out of respect, not because they had to.

    iii) Profanity, no matter how mild, directed at someone (even someone not present) is never OK.

    3. Request etiquette
    No one likes spam. That said, you should not be afraid to ask things in the Alliance chat.

    i) Never ever ask for free stuff, a.k.a. begging. You can ask if someone has an item to sell though.

    ii) Any type of request be it a trade request or a party request it is recommended that ~ 3 to 5 minutes pass between request. If after you have made 2 or 3 request you are still not getting a reply asking even more times will just annoy people. You should in stead wait until later in the day to ask again when there might be a different group of people on-line.

    iii) If you are asking a game question, consider using the GuildWars Wiki in stead. It is easily reached from inside the game by pressing F10. You'd be amazed at the amount of information available there.

    iv) If making an Alliance team it is OK to exceed the 2-3 request rule to update team status.

    v) In the event you need any more help in understanding spam and or how to deal with it please contact a guild or Alliance officer and ask them for more assistance.

    4. Teaming etiquette
    There is some overlap here, but these broad categories should still help:

    i) Alliance events/teams are defined as events suggested in the Alliance forum or that are jointly formed by members of several guilds in the Alliance chat. For such events all Alliance members are welcome to join if an opening is available and the character they desire to play will work for the team. E.g. if the team needs a monk and you wish to bring a tank then you will probably not be permitted to join the team. Non alliance members should be welcome at the discretion of the team leader.

    ii) Guild events/teams are defined as events suggested in guild forums or that are formed in guilds with the Alliance chat used to fill some spots. Such events should be open to all guild members and with the permission of the team leader can be opened to Alliance and or non alliance members. Teaming will still be under the control of the leader for the team / event and they may politely reject a player. It is recommended that the rejected player is informed of why, as no one likes to be left hanging with just a "thanks but no thanks".

    iii) Member events/teams are defined as teams formed by individual guild members, for instance to do a mission they need. Such events are fully under the control of the person setting up the team. Common courtesy is expected to be followed with respect to invites and rejections of team members. If you are not the team leader do not invite others to the event without first getting permission from the team leader.

    iv) It never hurts to give people a second chance. Who knows, maybe they just had a really bad day last time.

    v) If you are having a bad day or are in a mood, consider not joining a group at all. In stead go on your merry little way and do some anger management farming so that your attitude does not affect others.

    Any complaints about behavior should be screenshot and forwarded to a dedicated officer in your guild or directly to our Alliance leader (email here in version in private forum)

    Special thanks to all the members of the leadership team for taking the time to work on and revise this list. (Rockweaver, Lensor, Kahlan, Nochtflamir, Tom Nook, Arthur Victus, Malina Squirrelet, Jair Of The Forest, Alaris, Jersey, Domethilde De Lac, Yobam)
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