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    So the new way to get into FOW or UW is

    What the hell is that?
    Amazing how quickly pugs adjust to any kind of nerf, jusy give em 24 hours and they will come up with something.

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    They didn't come up with anything, it's a fairly old PvE team build - look it up on pvx wiki or something.

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    Wouldn't happen to make use of Cry of Pain, would it?

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    I fail to see how a skill allows you into UW or FOW free

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karn the Betrayer View Post
    I fail to see how a skill allows you into UW or FOW free
    I think you misunderstood the title. Hes talking about the new group build being used for Underworld/FoW in Ursans wake.

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    can't find anything on the wiki about it

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    It's made for the deep, so has a much larger team list. But that's the general idea. I'm sure there's one for FoW/UW on pvx somewhere but I couldn't be bothered looking. That'll put you on the right track.
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    It's for those who can't use the tank + ele + monks + bip combination.
    You can take tank + cry + monks + bip now. It's easy and works fine.

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