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    Randomway - Heroway

    Could someone please explain these terms... i want to get into HA and have 0 fame right now, and someone always says LF randomway or something similar and I asked one of them and they just shouted 'I SEARED ASCALON IS A NOOB DONT PARTY'.

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    Randomway = Grabbing the first 8 kids that accept the Party invites that you send out to the entire district, no matter what build/rank.

    Heroway = Using heroes, obviously.

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    random way is inviting everyone to your team, no matter what profession, what rank or whatsoever

    heroway is based on ranger/warriors who use the skill Rampage As One (RaO) with hammers and necro/ritualist who use restoration skills to heal the team. heros are used for the role of the tainter (who uses tainted flesh), a n/rt healer hero if you can't find anyone.. or SS/Souldbind/... necro

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    Heroway doesn't have to be that single build/s, they're just the most popular and succesful. The term heroway is simply that your team revolves around 1 or 2 heroes instead of a full human team.

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