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    Hi Chanur!

    I hope that by now you have found your way out of Old Ascalon.

    And I'm glad to see that you chose Mesmer as your profession. I did that too when new to the game and my first character continues to see the most of my playtime.

    Good luck and one of us will be looking for you in the game.

    ~Vanyel Va Ashima IGN

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    Howdy folks

    In-game Name: Rufus Julius
    World Region: Europe
    Timezone: GMT
    hours of play: Generally i can get a good 3+hrs on weekdays and weekends vary between 2-4hrs (work during day most weekends), if we're having fun i can stay online longer ofc

    I've been a longtime fan of guild wars ever since the beta weekend for prophecies way back though i did take a break for around a year at one point.

    In between working n study managed to solo/hero-hench most of the game and get most of the content cleared only leaving stuff like elite missions, grind titles n pvp left over.

    Im up for PvE anytime and sometimes pvp. With GW2 drawing closer i figured it was time to get last titles for those 50 points in HoM or just reach 45 points, either is good

    thx for reading and looking forward to hearing from you
    "The fallen shall be forever remembered as the Emperor's finest."
    Space Marine Apothecary

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    Hi Sleepingpanda!

    Thanks for checking out our guild!

    One of our officers will be looking for you in the game to answer any questions you might have.


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    Hi Guys

    In-game Name (IGN); Mundungus Belch
    World Region (Europe, America, etc); Europe - UK
    Timezone; GMT
    Estimated hours of play a day for weekdays and weekends; Weekdays are highly variable and will vary week on week dependant on work schedule. Normally 2-3hrs per day at weekends.
    Any other information you think may help such as your playing style and preference

    I started playing GW 5 years ago in late 2006 and stopped around 2009. Due to the exciting prospect of GW2 I have recently returned to get my HoM up to scratch and will mainly be aiming to get through newer content such as the Guild Wars beyond quests and elite areas such as UW etc. I'm also happy to participate in guild events and help out newer players. I am looking for a new guild since my friends list and current guild are largely inactive.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon,


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    Hey Mundy,

    I'll drop you an invite when I get online again (probably tomorrow), we'll have a chat when we're both online.

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