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    Lightbulb new skill system (2)

    I have suggestion for a new skill system that will keep all classes from GW and create new ones for GW 2. The system is simple,instead choosing the classes Monk/Elementalist (or some classes like them ) and only using Fire and Healing. We can learn those 2 skill categories (and more in the limit of few skill categories for a players avatar).Аnd I also suggestion for something else, skill categories level title,like when players avatar begin the skill categorie,like fire players avatar begin at level 1 fire ,(in the limit of possible cap level(100) (1) point for level )when we add (10) points players avatar fire categorie he or she begin level 2 fire ,when we have (20) points in the fire categorie players avatar becomes fire lord and when we have (50) points in the fire categorie players avatar becomes fire master.This system will also give the to open skill and items available only for the skill categories combos and title,like the players avatar is fire master and earth lord he or she can use the skill like lava wave. If level (100) is the cap skill categories will 6 for players avatar (2 master titles),(5 lord and 1 level 2 titles),(1 master,2 lord and 1 level 2 titles). I hope for many BAD and good commentators

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    No thanks, I definately think I'd prefer the current system... this seems kind of limited. Also, I don't understand how you would level up in the title.

    I think title restricted skills are a bad idea, meaning not only do you have to grind a title, but you have to actually reach max level to just use the skill!

    Sorry, but your post was a little hard for me to read.
    Proper sentences and paragraphs are your friend. ^^

    EDIT: Wait, why did you create two threads? They seem the same...

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    like in Guild wars (20-/20+ (12) Healing) but you win titles and unique items and skill.
    And you STILE learn you fire skill on level 1 like Flare and Immolate,but later you make combos with others skill categories even when they are level 1

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    Have one these threads locked deleted please.

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