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    realm of torment

    well i searched several wiki's and couldnt find an answer to this question.

    in the realm of torment what elemental damage "icy, fire, ebon, shocking" affect demons and margonites the most?

    im more concerned about the demons since i have a +20 demon slaying sword mod.

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    I believe that the armor of demons and margonites would be similar to all other monsters and goes by profession.

    Therefore, warriors should be vulnerable to elemental damage, rangers and elementalists to physical and so on.

    Might be wrong though. ^^; Seems it would make sense, however.

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    Overall there isn't much info about what kind of damage hurts what monster type the most. I'm not even sure if it makes much of a difference.

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    About the only thing you can do is just trial and error.
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    Tarnished Coast

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Van Der Sloot View Post
    I'm not even sure if it makes much of a difference.
    It makes a significant difference if the foe is weak to a given damage type. For example, using fire magic against ice elementals is a lot more effective than using cold magic.

    Although it's very possible that the Margonites and torment demons are not particularly weak to one given type of damage.

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    You're all wrong, they're weak to lightbringer skills.

    (rolls eyes)

    But I tend to use a lot of different combination of units to do different areas - the margonites and menzies (shadow) forces receive normal damage from physical and air, and the torment creatures take good damage from fire.

    I think they just have a normal high armour rather then anything else (rangers seems to die as fast as monks, for the torment case). So just try it out, there's no real no go.

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    thx everyone i was afraid these were the answers i was gonna get. guess all i gotta do now is get me a perfect salvage kit and start testing different mods.

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