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    Weekly dervish gathering

    After i read this thread i realised that the dervish is the only profession not having a community group. So what you guys think of having 1day in the week for all dervish doing events together?
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    I'd be up for it if we are able to gather a regular crowd of people, splitting into several groups and blasting through areas etc. If more people agree to such an idea, then I'm in.

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    Absolutely but i guess it won't happen. I looked at the thread and from 35 viewes only 1 replied. I request more people to express their opinions whether they want this to happen or not.

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    Great idea, but I'm very absent minded for things like this. So I wouldn't want to say "yay I'll be there" because I may be doing something else and not paying attention. I've missed several parties in game just because I wasn't paying attention to time.

    Still, I think it's a good thing to promote, so if people can nail down a time it could be added to Gorani's thread. And stuck-i-fied for now (although I will unstick it if it turns out that no one wants to play with other dervishes. :P ).

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    Well i will set a time but it's pointless without volunteers and for now there are only 3 including myself. I hope that more will come.

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    I'm in. =)

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    Count me in. nothing like a good and fun run.

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    Sounds like some fun to me, I'd be in as well.

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    Possibly the way forward would be to set a date and time that the players of whom said they could/would attend if you sorted this, we meet and then can go from there, hopefully the ventures that'd we'd have as a small group could possibly become bigger and a regular thing?

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