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Thread: Ra secondary

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    Ra secondary

    did i make a bad move choosing Ra as my secondary?
    i was going to make a sweet lightning build with some wilderness survival in it with lots of air and energy storage
    but now im starting to second guess myself, because im not sure other than skills POSSIBLY like [troll unguent] and [serpent's quickness] how wilderness survival will actually help me
    so am i better off getting a pet?
    or choosing a better secondary?
    or wtf
    i dunno even know what im doing anymore

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    First off, you'll be able to change to other secondaries later in the game. About 1/3 to 2/3 into it, depending on the campaign. So, not a biggie.

    Eles don't generally really need skills from other professions except for helping them cast spells more frequently. So the SQ will work well at least until you get to pick again.

    Pet is fun, but not particularly useful unless you bring some pet skills. Frankly, I'd say go for the pet for fun, then ditch it.
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    /r is not a very useful secondary for an ele. You shouldn't really need to spam your skills more if you know how to use them to the optimum effect. Instead you could chose a secondary offering you extra defense as/w with defensive stances or /d with mystic regen or something along the lines of that. But also remember to carry something to make you selfsustainable against melee attackers as an ele.

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    Prob not the best match. If there is one skill to take off the Ranger, you might consider Antidote Signet. The recent buff makes it very nice, energy free self condition removal. Serpants Quickness can help decrease recharge times, but I think not needed in most cases. Personally when I run the Ele in any normal situation in PvE, I don't run any skills from my secondary profession, so it should be a big deal or hinder you much.

    By the time you'll want to create a very specific build for farming or such, you'll be able to change your secondary, so I'd just stick with Elementalist skills.

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