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    I would love to be a part of this though it depends on what areas. (I still need EoTN finished)

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    I have some suggestions.
    1 is relating to the Moddock Crevice event, as in you all could take control of an outpost.
    2 is having a coordinated dance thing, where Aret sings Brittany Spears songs while we have Female Eles in the background doing their little belly dance.
    3 is making a video.

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    Why not do all at once?

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    OK...right thread this time..

    Will certainly be online and up for missions, dungeons, whatever...

    I could use GOM, so if anyone else needs it???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qanar View Post
    fixed it for you

    And yes, i'd join a spontanious dungeon run or something, im also filling a hm mission book, anyone want to tag along?
    Please gimme a holler if you are doing Assault on the Stronghold, Blood Washes Blood, or Destruction's Depths. Those are my last 3 to fill a HM Hero Handbook for the first time.

    Kahlan Cyfer
    Den mother of In Pace Requiescat. We're recruiting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaris View Post
    I'm just not that much of a people person.
    Dude, that's my line!! You're treading on my introvert territory!

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    Aurora Glade

    GWOnline [GWO]

    I will probably not be around as much as I would like. The reason is some trouble with my desktop. I'm in the middle of a new install, and I'm going to try to rescue what I can from the old, defective HD...
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