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    VoD was not good but this is worse...

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    Partly because of very sub optimal skill balancing and also due to the fact that even though a skill or a build can be balanced power wise, it might still be boring as **** to play or play against, calling for a nerf/buff scenario that as usual will fail to addres the true underlying issues, but instead change other things that didn't need a change.

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    Pets in pvp have brought nothing but lame builds. I fail to see a good reason why pets should be in pvp.

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    So thumpers can get blacked out.

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    I agree, pets have no place in pvp. Get an extra operson for 0 energy? Please tell me how it's balanced to have a skill that costs nothing and gives you a +14% passive chance of winning that match.

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    And while Izzy is at it, remove heroes from GvG.
    Henchman are fine but no heroes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ate of DK View Post
    And while Izzy is at it, remove heroes from GvG.
    Henchman are fine but no heroes.
    But a perfectly synved discord sync was FUN! :P

    Yes that is sarcasm.

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    Not that it matters much anymore. Gw is a bit dead at the moment. But i would expect that to any game over 2 years old.

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    Any game 2 years old and balanced so that retards can win effortlessly. If anyone else was balancing the game, people would still be playing it.

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    i'm sorry but i'll have to jump on the shardfenix bandwagon.

    it just amazes me how you can spend years and millions developing this great game, have this loyal fanbase of dedicated players, then hire a complete and utter retarded ****-up who DOESN'T EVEN PLAY THE GAME to balance it. and he openly admits it, i mean he can at least PRETEND he plays!!

    i mean... u can get the top 100 players to balance it FOR FREE... why izzy??? for the love of god, whyyyyy?????????

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