Greetings! This is a brief introduction to the Roses of the Moonlight Sigil, the loosely-organized house of madness better known as...

RoMSl! *glorious divine fanfare plays*

What we can offer you:
- Great people! Guild and alliance members who understand the value of supportive encouragement without excessive hand-holding.
- Experience and help! An established guild with active members ranging from beta
veterans to enthusiastic newcomers and all points in between.
- Fun! The only thing we take seriously. We're a fun and creative lot, and are just as at home on the battlefield as we are chatting on guild or alliance chat with various levels of insanity.
- No drama! There are little to no interpersonal conflicts among the members of our guild and alliance.
- PvE or PvP - it's your choice! We are primarily PvE but there's a large group of AB'ers, Arena freaks and on occasion some GvG skirmishing.
- No required activities - No donations of faction, items, or time are ever required.
- Family-Friendly! - Guild and Alliance chat are limited to approximately a PG/light PG-13 rating.

If the above tantalizes you, please let's hear from you!

What we're looking for:
- Maturity! Folks who understand the difference between being funny and being rude or
- Positive attitude! Understanding that being rude and getting upset doesn't help anyone's fun.
- A zany sense of humour! RoMS and alliance members can and will launch into very
tangential ha-ha's. We need folks who can roll with the aardvark jokes.
- Communication skills! Given the text environment, you need to know how to construct a
sentence and get your ideas across, or we'll never know how you truely feel about the aardvark sitting on your head!
- Friends, not Gods! We're looking for fun people - being a jerk and having 50 max titles and 10 FoW sets of armor means you're still a jerk. If you want to be worshipped, build a church!

Obviously we'll want to get to know you before inviting. If you're interested in RoMS, please go to the following URL for
an application:

Here's a few more links for your information-gathering enjoyment:
Official Wiki profile:

Before we go, bask in the testimonial of Esme Nova, RoMS's own recruiter! "Suddenly I feel evil for trying to convince people to join this insane guild.. which is fun and I like it. I embrace my inner imp and we tango."

Hope to see you in-game!
-Rain Over Pebbles, Guild Leader, Wizard of Odd, Marshal of Chaos, Melter of Snowmen, Humble Healer of Wounds (when he feels like it), and Frenzied Hunter of Chests.