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    Nightfall Shield

    "Any shield bought/dropped in Prophecies or Factions cannot be modified with a shield handle"

    In Nightfall:
    In Command Post/Marga Coast, you can buy a shield for 5 Platinums, 40 iron ingots, 6 wood planks.
    Daedal Shield(Motivation)
    Shield of the Lion(Strength)
    Adamantine Shield(Tactics)
    Heraldic Shield(Command)

    The shields have -5(20%) and +30HP.

    Can you make a Daedal Shield of Fortitude?(or of Anything)

    Note: it is a Nightfall shield.

    Can someone test this?

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    No, you cannot get a double +30 on that shield.
    The +30 you got from crafting already is the Fortitude mod, just as the -5/20% is it's inscription. You just cannot salvage them off/replace them.

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