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Thread: Ancient Weapons

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    Karn - your thinking of the Scriptures of Abaddon found in the Temple ofthe Six Gods. And he didn't boil the water, he caused the stars to fall from the skies. Which sounds a LOT like what happened during the searing.

    deco - While it's true that the desert would take a while to form naturally, all that's needed to form a desert the way we are speak would be waves to cause erosion. If in the battle the waves of water sped up *i.e., becomes hard and are more frequent* then the formation of the crystal would be new. Also, there would be some formation of the crystal desert with the very fall of Abaddon - as his fall caused the sulfurous sand in the Desolation.

    The "Desert Searing" - which could also have removed a lot of water - was also done during that war between Abaddon and the 5 gods. And the area of the Crystal Desert is large enough to equal (or close to) the size that the Searing caused in Ascalon. And a war between gods can very easily increase erosion - possibly as an act of removing evidence of Abaddon they reduced the crystals in size to the point that a small desert was formed where there was water and island - back then larger crystals were probably more abundant. No one said that the Crystal Desert we know of now is what "instantly" formed.

    And the "connection" between Abaddon and the Searing is that Abaddon gave the Charr the Cauldron of Cataclysm.

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    I always assumed there is more then one Cauldron of Cataclysm and several replicas. It is possible that after one use the Cauldron of Cataclysm might be depleted of power. There might also be a chance that you need Abaddons blessing or something to use it.

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    I'm just being a bit technical here, but the Cauldron of Cataclysm was brought to the Charr by the Titans who were ordered by Abaddon. Not by Abaddon himself.

    I doubt that. It seems to me they used the, and this is speaking in game terms, same model for the Charr flame altars. I say this because we help interrupt the Charr as they go to light one in the Ruins of Surmia.

    However, this does not mean that the same one seen in the Desolation is at all related to the Charr in any way, shape, or form.

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    Jair - the idea of Crystal Desert & Sea is old one, it been tossed around for at least 3 years now.

    Karn - someone actually took time to examine the Desert and attempted to reconstruct what it'd look like as a Sea based on water present and canyons. It's somewhere in this Lore section - could have gotten lost when we switched over to new servers a while ago.

    Leon - I vaguelly recall that there were huge Margonite war in the Desert area and it seems that most of us agree that it was once a Sea. Abaddon was the god of waters... and again I vaguelly recall that the Temple of 6 Gods in DoT was from that area.

    A bit sketchy but perhaps Abaddon still have some influence over the area - my impression he was strongest there before being defeated and casted into his prison
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    Um..I'm not sure which comment of mine you're referring to there Barinthus. I'm well aware it was a sea, and that the Temple of the Six Gods was along the shores of it. Did you mean to say Margonite warships?

    What I was describing was that during the war, powerful magic was used by Abaddon's followers, blasting the Crystal Sea to the point that it eventually turned into the Crystal Desert we see today.

    As this occurred, the rapidly flowing water from the tumultuous warfare in the Crystal Sea would have likely weathered the, if they were actually used, Searing crystals brought on from Abaddon and his followers. Of course, this is completely hypothetical, as there's no significant evidence that supports their usage or indicates it.

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    Reading back at your posting before mine - never mind. I need to remember to not make responses when I just woke up.

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    I dont think that there is any conection between Vizier Khilbron, becoming a lich and the ceptor of orr,
    A quote from the gates of kryta mission
    Undead Lich: Run you little fool. Run. I have all the time in the world. The scepter will be mine again soon enough. Everything proceeds according to the prophecy.
    A quote from The undead lich im wiki:
    The Lich Lord is in reality Vizier Khilbron, the former advisor to the King of Orr who caused The Cataclysm and the downfall of that kingdom by casting a forbidden spell. It is not clear if he had desired to be a Lich and thus caused the Cataclysm on purpose to create the massive armies of undead that he commands (as evident by the Decayed Orr Emblems that his forces drop), or, as is rumored, that he caused this by accident while trying to protect the kingdom against the Charr invasion and becoming a Lich was a result of that mistake.

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    You are correct Rhinala. There is NO connection. That was why I made this thread (originally was just to cover the Scepter of Orr, but decided to cover all Ancient Weapons).

    The misconception was over on Guru, and I just copy/pasted the thread to over here.

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    It was nice to learn about all of this wapons, and the charr history.
    thank you for adding all of them.
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