Shady Downhill Government [SDg] or "Pines Guild Wars Guild" is now public.

Shady Downhill Government is an Australian Luxon Guild founded by officers of the 'Soul Destroyers Guild [SDg]'. The founders were members of Soul Destroyers for 2 years and kept in contact with each other since. Shady Downhill Government follows the original SDg with the tag and cape.
We are currently in the Legion of Wolfsong Alliance, an Australian Luxon Alliance

Anybody is welcome but the guild is predominantly residents of Australia or New Zealand or whose who play during our time zone, GMT+10 +/-4.
Simply Contact one of our officers and we will glady send you an invitation

Founder is Myself. IGN: Death By Snuu Snuu aka Tanky, Pines
Officers: Bowels Of Steel
Xuie Ming Toa
Lady Marmalard

We mainly focus on PvE, mostly in skill capping and dungeon running; especially the old ones such as Tombs of Primeval Kings and Sorrows Furnace. However, we do enjoy Alliance Battle-AB- and plan to reach into GvG. Previously we have had enourmous success in GvG maintaining a top 400 guild Position with a peak of Rank 2 ^_^.

Anybody is welcome but a sense of maturity and experience is preferable.

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