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    having problems with my storybooks

    i got all 4 story books today. however, im having a problem with a few of them. thanks!!

    1. ive finished 2 cantha missions on master (normal) and yet even after beating them both in the past 2 days and paying the guy 100 gold, only one shows up??

    2. im a tyria character, can i not go back to cantha and nightfalls to do the original first few missions? i want to fill out these books to the brim!

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    1. - I have two possible explanations for you here. Either you have done the other mission before the upgrade that introduced the handbooks; if that's the case, you'll need to do that mission again if you want it in your storybook.

    Or, it was a mission on Shingjea Island. Those are not recorded in the normalmode storybooks.

    2. - You can do the first few missions on any continent you like, no matter where your character was born, but the "young heroes" storybook is only for hardmode. Doing the starter missions in normalmode gives you nothing except background story and a bit of progress on the respective "protector of xy" titles.

    You can play in hardmode once your character is level 20 and once one of your characters has finished the chapter (as in: done the last mission of a chapter in normalmode).

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    Are you sure the mission that is not showing up, is one that will actually be in the book?

    For Cantha, only the missions from Kaineng Center on will be filled in.
    For Nightfall, it's every mission from Kamadan onwards.

    The 'noob island' missions don't qualify.

    Neither does anything before Lion's Arch in Tyria.

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    Ya I'm quite sure of it. I am a Tyria character who came over to Cantha via Kaineng. I did the first 2 normal missions and got master. The Vizuhnah Square and whatever is before Taineng Temple (sp). Not showing up. Weird.

    Glad to know I can go back and do the missions from noob island. I didn't think I could in Cantha. Glad to hear that the noob ones do in fact count towards the protector titles.

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