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    What is a good Prof choice for a perma-Pre char?

    I know it's probably rather late in the day for this but I suddenly had an urge for a perma-Pre character. I have 1 slot left - ostensibly for PvP but since I hardly ever PvP...

    What profession would you recommend? I have all core professions covered elsewhere. Things of interest to me...
    1) Helping people out
    2) Possibly LDoA

    I did consider perhaps a Ranger as primary or secondary as a pet could be useful given the limited skill selection in Pre.

    I am interested in your thoughts.
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    My preferred choice in Pre is a W/R, with a death leveled strider. The weapon pack from /bonus works fairly well. I would just c-space my way across Wizard's Folly and Regent Valley with a Glacial Blade and a Serrated Shield for the XP, and it required minimal attention from me.

    But, I think, at a certain point, you level high enough to where profession choice becomes irrelevant, since you'll be able to trash anything in Pre. I've considered starting a perma Pre necro on another account to use her as a Presearing minion master for that reason.

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    What don't you have already and what do you enjoy playing?It is ok to have 2 char say 2 Rangers 1 in post the other in pre.

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    Tarnished Coast

    I'd experiment, personally. I really enjoy necromancers in post-searing, but don't like them so much in pre-searing (due to the limited skill set). I don't like playing monks much in post-searing, but find them fun in pre-searing. My favorite profession in pre-searing, though, is a ranger with the Nevermore Flatbow.

    I don't often take my ranger's pet along when hunting Charr, now that my ranger is a decent level (16 at the moment). For pulling, pets are kind of a pain. And with the Nevermore bow, the Charr die in just a few shots, so the pet doesn't really help much. But at low levels, having the wolf around was great (it helped that I death-leveled the wolf up with my other account and a level 14 perma-pre monk, so my ranger at level 4 had a level 18 or 18 wolf. fun times).

    But it's personal preference, really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jciardha View Post
    My preferred choice in Pre is a W/R.
    Same here. If your account qualifies for the igneous summoning stone, you steamroll thru pre with imp + pet.

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    I liked playing with Mesmer/Elementalist. Was breeze to solo Charrs. :)

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    Hmm, thanks for your thoughts. I was heading W/R until that last post - cos I have a soft spot for Mesmers.

    I shall think on it a little.

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