If you want to introduce yourself, discuss writing, favorite authors, plot details, research or anything that has vaguely anything to do with fanfiction, post it here:


If you want to post a tiny short story or poem, post it here:


If you want to see if you can get a fanfiction gathering together:


General etiquette:

If you are going to critique, be constructive. Try to stay away from one liners like "You can't write.", "You suck". If you do a one liner, explain why you feel your one liner is true in a paragraph following it. I will delete one liners with nothing to support them.

I expect writers to use, at the very least, a spell checker. If English is your second language, ask for help in the lounge, there's usually someone around who can help you. At a pinch, you can pm me and ask for help as long as it isn't reams of stuff.

Obvious stuff:

- No lavishly described sex scenes
- No expletives engineered to get around the word filter.
- No plagarism

Stuff I Won't Do

- Delete your thread. Think about what you post before you start a thread.
- Edit your writing for you. I used to do it back in the old days before we had limitless editing, but my editing services are gone.
- Suddenly gain psychic abilities. If you feel you are being bullied or insulted, press the skull and crossbones button and let me know.

- Kalidri