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    thinking of switching from everquest?

    So ive been playing everquest for bout 3 or 4 yrs . I am in a high end raiding guild that raids 6 nights a week . i dont raid that much but the content and lvl of play is high . The question i am asking will i be satisfied with this game? I dont like pvp is alot of content pvp based or do u have to agree to pvp. Basically can anyone come up an wax my *** if they feel like it lol. Learning the game shouldnt be to hard for me. Maybe a couple coments on where i should get started an such. I plan to buy the full game an expan if i decide to play. thnx for ur help Jubash

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    PvP is in designated areas only, so you won't be hunted. However, PvP in GWs is actually fun, unlike every other game I've ever played ever.

    There are "elite" areas in all 4 chapters. There is also "Hard Mode" for all content (even elite areas!).

    If you're going to buy all the games, I won't wax poetic with advice . Just dive in and enjoy; it's not complicated if you know your way around video games.

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    I'd start with GW: Prophecies and play the other games as an expansion (GW:EN is the only true expansion). Unless you want to play as Dervish, Paragon (NF) or Assassin, Ritualist (Factions), I recommend that.

    You have to agree to do PvP.

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    And by "have to agree", he means "have to go to designated areas where PvP battles start". There is no duel invite-spamming in GW, and you are free to laugh at anyone who randomly challenges you in chat to 1v1, as the game is balanced for team play, and 1v1 matches are jokes.

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    Right on i like doing grp quests an raid events . From the sounds of it pvp is set up in grp settings i like the sound of that alot. Iv always played melee dps toons but was thinkin goin with a tank for primary an dont know bout secondary cause i havent played the game yet to see best set ups . Some ideas for melee setups would be great as far as primary & sec. professions. thnx for u guys help an opinions

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    Warriors are better at melee DPS than tanking. Tanking is possible in PvE, but it's seen as a bad way to play. If you really want to tank, probably the most effective build is the so-called perma-Shadow Form assassin, which basically makes you invulnerable to 95% of the games' attacks and skills.

    Also, "raids" are limited to 8 players (12 in two particular areas that few people frequent). I don't know what EQ is like in this area, but it's nothing like the 40 man WoW raids. If you want to play that stuff with real players, you're going to need to find an active high level PvE guild, because random groups are pretty hard to find. Most of the mid level content is solo-ed now by players playing with AI-controlled heroes and henchies.

    The same thing generally applies to PvP: if you want to do high-level content, you need a PvP guild. Low level PvP is generally composed of random groups of players, so you can jump into that and you'll be placed in a team automatically, but the best PvP requires coordinated groups using a cohesive team build.

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    Yeah i could see myself starting out solo doing small things to learn the game an lvl up but im a custome to 54 man highly technical raids. So in the long run if i decide to play i see myself wanting to be in a high end guild no matter if it was pvp or pve. I will have to see what style of play suits me.

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    Another thing to note, is EQ is a different type of game. It has a max level of 75(I think?) is primarily level and gear based, and while skill comes into play, gear comes in a lot more.

    GW caps you at 20, you'll get there very fast. The only differences between the expensive 15k armor and the cheap 1.5k is that the 15k is a different look, they'll have the same AL, ability to put the same runes on them, etc.

    Further more, you are given 8 slots to form a build, while there is an insane amount of skills, you can only have 8 on you when you go out into the world to kill monsters. (or people, in PvP's case). This makes the game much more about skill, then just "Oh, can't beat that mob, grind up a bit more to kill it".

    Furthermore, there isn't any grind*, you progress through storyline "missions" and primary quests to here the story of whatever campaign you're doing. Everything is instanced, you can interact with people that you add to your party and bring with you to the instance, or in towns. (and in guild/alliance chat and whispers to people) you may hate this or love it, I like it as it prevents rare spawn camping because you get your own private little world.

    Last, there are 3 Campaigns and 1 expansion, each campaign can be played stand alone, they all offer different things and there's a few threads of "Which to get first?". If you get say nightfall, decide you like it you can go out and buy one of the other 2 and add them onto the account and your already created characters can go to those areas and do those missions for the story.

    There is high end elite areas, the PvP is really fun(even if you hate PvP I suggest at least giving it a shot, you might be suprised) So yeah. Short Version: EQ and GW aren't very compareable, but GW is still awesome.

    *There is some grinding, but it isn't mandatory, it's just for titles that you can have shown under your name

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    To complete the elite areas, you must party with humans, as the AI henchmen are not available (they'd just get slaughtered anyway.) So definitely find yourself a good guild and alliance.

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    This game seems to be pretty cool from what i read and a good solo game is nice for the times i play when the kids are up heehee. And yes eq is all about gear an grinds for abilities thats kinda what im trin to get away from the 4-6 hr time sinks everyday for a mnth to get some spell or ability. i just looking for somthin i can get on an play for a bit take breaks when i need to for family things or whatever. Eq has gone so far over the edge pretty much if ur not a hardcore 6 or 7 night a week player u cant keep up with new content an lvl is up to 85 now lol

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