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Thread: Info..anyone..?

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    Talking Info..anyone..?

    I'm new to the game, 8 necro, and i'm just wanting some general info. to get started with....( i have factions)

    Where can i get decent items/ gears from?

    How do i gain title/ reputations from?

    What's the regular $$ cost of decent gear or items to obtain gear?

    How to obtain $$, if i even need it?

    and anything worth knowing about the game...


    ~Necro Logan~

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    GWOnline.Net Member MoonUnit's Avatar

    You are still low lvl, you don't really need to worry about gear until you are lvl 20. That being said, max damage stuff is easy to come by.

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    Thankyou, but i'm looking for more info then that^^ =p

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