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Thread: Lore Order?

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    Lore Order?

    Does the order really matter as far as the lore is concerned? My friends and I have proph and eotn, but im about to buy nightfall cause i really want a derv. I plan to get him over to proph pretty quick and unlock skills through pvp.Can we go proph>eotn and then nightfall, or will that mess up the story? I dunno if eotn is an all around guild wars expansion or if its a direct expansion to prophecies. Thanks in advance

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    Eye of the North is meant as an all-around expansion to any of the campaigns, and can be played as such. However, in terms of story, it takes place after the events that proceed in Factions and Nightfall.

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    From my understanding:

    Prophecies & Factions ~ same time
    Eye of the North

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    Doesn't sound like a good plan at all. Not because of the chronological order but because its a low level derv in prophecies. thats not really what you want if this is your 1st character and you want to go though the game with your buddies. There is no armor for the derv and no weapons either. I understand you figured you could get the skills unlocked with faction then use tomes or something, but its better to complete NF on the derv completely and get him equipped with skills, attribute points, armor and some weapons then travel with him after he has been ascended and developed properly. In EotN you can get stuff for the derv so that may be a good place to meet up after you complete ascension in Elonia.

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    Lore-wise, there are minor spoilers towards the end of Nightfall, but otherwise the three campaigns are quite independent. EotN is meant as a continuation of Prophecies, and the add pack also has a few minor spoilers... but for the most part, you can play it in any order and still know what's going on.

    Gameplay-wise, low-level dervish might be a bit hard in Prophecies, like Shadowspawn said, mainly because of the lack of skills, armor, and weapons. Although nothing stops you from returning to NF or EotN to get equipped. High-level skills will be harder to come by though.

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    Oh cool, thanks a lot guys. I am not worried about having a low level derv in proph as i already have enough to max armor and picked up an elite tome for reapers sweep. I plan to play nightfall when i am solo, i mainly just wanted to know if when we finish proph should i talk my buddy into getting nightfall or if we should head on into eotn. Thanks again

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