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    [N/Me - SS Build] Need help with equipment.

    Hello everyone.

    I've been running around with crap equipment for too long now, mainly because I'm not sure of what equipment i should go for.
    When i read guides they only say stuff like "20/20 and 12+1+3", and at first i had no idea what that meant.

    But now I have invested in a Fanatic's armor and collected a decent wand and off-hand item (i think they are 20/20...).
    Now it's time to add the necessary runes and insignias.

    Current equipment
    Headpiece: +1 Curses / 60 AR / Vitae (Cannot be upgraded with an insignia)
    Head/Gloves/Legs/Feet: 60AR no runes or insignias attached yet.
    Wand: Wailing Wand 11-22 / Halves recharge of curses (20%) / +5 Energy (> 50% Health)
    OffHand: Accursed Icon / +12 Energy / Halves recharge and cating of curses (20%)

    I have these runes and insignias
    Rune of Superior Curses
    Rune of Major Vigor (I know superior is the best, but it's too expensive)
    4x Survivor Insignias
    2x Rune of Vitae

    What runes and insignias should i attatch to what piece of armor? (Also tell me if i should get other runes and insignias if i don't have them)

    Is it important to get a new headpiece that can be upgraded with an insignia? And perhaps i should replace the Vitae rune with something else?

    Is my wand and offhand any good? Is the wand worth adding incriptions too? If so, what inscriptions should i add?
    EDIT: Just realised that this is not the 20/20 Wailing Wand, i have to get that from Gertrud... But I'm still interested in what to add when i get a 20/20 wand.

    Additional information
    Arcane Echo
    Spiteful Spirit
    Reckless Haste
    Insidious Parasite
    Mark of Pain
    Defile Enchantments
    Enfeebling Blood
    Signet of lost souls


    Thanks in advance!


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    Survivor runes are always a popular choice for pure health reasons.

    Superior v's minor runes are always a personal choice, but these days most people prefer the health and stay with a minor. If you are solely intent on running a curse build then add 1 minor soul reaping and the best vigor you can find. This should give you two slots left, vitae and attunement runes are popular for the final slots, I tend to perfer the energy here.

    If survivor is too expensive them pure armour is the next best option. Tormentors is popular as there are only a few creatures in the game that deal holy damage, and therefore its drawback seems small for a decent boost. As there are few corpse exploitation skills in the curse line, don't invest in bloodstaind (if you did, headpiece or gloves are the best locations for it).

    For the best boost add your minor/sup curse run to a new headpiece that will give you an additional +1 to the curse line on top of the rune bonus, which is well worth it, especially if you are going for the higher health route.

    With regards to wand and focus, then a 20/20 wand and 20/20 focus counter one of the weaknesses of the curse line, that of long casts and sometimes long recharges. Generally people don't use energy as they find that Soul reaping gives them more than enough for most builds, even if it is 'on a time'. Collectors versions are just as good as those gold and green ones, so you can pick a set up pretty easily.

    One small note, i've recently been taking Chilblains in my bar, as aoe enchant removal (mainly in eotn) and as 25 e skills are hard to use all the time. To that end, i've swapped my focus out for a +15e/-1 regen focus. This also helps with the soul reaping bonus, which tended to get maxed out by my base energy. E.g. I have an SR of 10, 3 creatures die, I am due 30 energy in a few seconds, however with my 40/40 set I've only used 20 energy, in my 20/20, +15/-1 energy set I have used 35, so I actually gain more energy from Soul Reaping this way.

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    I tend to bring the daze reduction rune on casters. (blind reduction on physicals)


    Minor Curse
    Minor/Major/Sup Vigor
    Minor Soul Reaping
    Minor Blood


    Head: Radiant or w/e
    Chest: Survivor
    Hands: Radiant or w/e
    Legs: Survivor
    Boots: Bloodstained

    Quote Originally Posted by Reality Impaired View Post
    As there are few corpse exploitation skills in the curse line, don't invest in bloodstaind (if you did, headpiece or gloves are the best locations for it).
    Boots work too, right? I've always fancied bloodstained boots..
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    Thanks for the fast replies, it was really helpfull.

    Headpiece #1: +1 Curse, Minor Curse Rune
    Chest: Survivor + Major Vigor
    Legs: Survivor + Minor Soul Reaping (Kinda expensive though and only gives me +1 Energy per kill right?)
    Gloves/Feet: Vitae, perhaps Recovery, although i don't know why Recovery is a good choice, anyone care to elaborate?
    Not sure about insignias both Survivor and Radiant seems useless (+10 hp VS +2 Energy) Bloodstained is nice for MM though...

    What collector can give me a 20/20 Wand?
    3 Radiant Insignias will only give me +3 Energy... seems like it's not worth it
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    A question, many people here ask, on different parts of the forum, about what runes and insignias is best and i mostly see the reply that minor runes and survivor insignias is best, why is this?

    My point, in PvP there can be a definate advantage to having high health, since this makes you harder to spike. However it is entirely possible to run superior rune and major or minor rune with both multiple radiant and attunement insignias and still keep your health around or above 500.

    In PvE the situation is entirely different, rarely will any caster need to have high hp in PvE, 450-500 is more than enough, in fact my necromancer runs around with 400 health, two superior runes and a major rune and she have no trouble surviving, even in melee combat tanking or when spamming sacrifice skills.

    The fact is that in PvE if your monks, players or heroes, is ANY good at all you will never need the high hp that minor runes and survivor insignias provide. So i by far prefer the extra damage and efficiency that high runes provide since this speeds up the killing, and thus lighten the burden on your monks.

    So when it comes down to it: PvP, yes, high hp is good and often needed. PvE, Go for the killing ability and rune up as you see fit.


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    i agre with the above poster.. but i only use 1 sup rune.. and 1 minor..

    survivor headpice with rune of sup curses (also have a sup death headpice to use when i run death)
    chest survivor and major vigor rune
    hands survivor and minor soul reaping rune
    legs survivor and vitae
    feet survivor and vitae..

    green grim shadow staff that gives +15energy halves recharge of all spells and +60hp
    (although i recently just got bonus mission pack charr staff with same stats)

    i think i run about 560or so hp cant remember..

    i run with at all times, now everyone is partial to ther own builds(i might take a /rt for rez or /mo for aegis) but this is my standard..

    vangaurd sniper support
    arcane echo
    spiteful spirit
    signet of lost souls
    enfeebling blood
    mark of pain
    defile enchantments

    that build has served me well everywhere i go... 16curses the rest soul reaping..
    taking the sabway Minion master with me cuz there are usually bodies..

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    Everything you need to know is here

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    Quote Originally Posted by SisyfosGW View Post
    What collector can give me a 20/20 Wand?
    20/20 is craftable from either the leviathan pits (telamon) or the kurzik counterpart for 5k plus bits (if you havent got that far check wiki & be nice to someone who does!) this is both wand & Bone Idol

    however look at the Kaolin Curses staff.

    I also dont use PvE skills while running SS

    ps I have 2 sets of armor with 1 head set +1 + sup curses
    1 set has a sup vigor rune, minor blood, 2 x attune & full radiant
    set 2 has all radiant & all attunement - and when sacking a % of your life its no biggie - 10% of 100 is less than 10% of 200, and as healing doesnt go by % it goes by hp points, its easier for a monk to 'save' you at lower hp

    Serioulsy, i dont run round with more than 400hp on both MM/death or SS/curses build. Any more and if you sac yourself its harder for the monk to heal. Even pure blood doesnt need it. Unless you go blood tank/melemancer
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    If you have BMP, you can get any kind of weps you want.


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