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Thread: New Player

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    New Player

    How come no-one EVER accept a new player ?
    How do people think a person is supposed to get ranked without even getting to play ? :/

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    1) A player with a rank will more likely play better than a player without.

    2)They don't care. They already have theirs.
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    no-one here that accept to learn a new player here ? :/

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    Most of the people who HA are retards, so naturally, they link a time-based title with skill in a game that requires neither to win.

    Don't take it personally, rank means zero unless you're a dumbass who thinks all r12++++ players are good (lol).

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    so there aint anyone here that would allow an unranked to learn or something ? :P

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    It's called getting into random groups until you're r3.

    And no I wouldn't accept an R0.

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    Do what I'm not willing to do myself: Make a few friends/acquaintances/fight buddies and try to earn some fame along the way.

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    I really suggest not bothering and just leave the place. You are not going to have any success when all that left are people who stumbled into HA by accident or too bored with PvE and decide to fiddle with HA for a day.

    If you really want to try and have a decent time in HA you still need to find at least 5 semi serious/decent players (good luck, you'll need it) and fill the last 2 slots with heroes to cut down the time, the current best choice is a mesmer hero using interrupts such as tease and rit spells for support. Then grind like hell to higher rank...the rank grind for HA is so bad you'll want to go to a level grind game like WoW.

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    As neo said, the best way to win pvp is by bringing non-players to make your team invincible. This is why HA is so empty (by empty, I mean full of bad players who couldn't get fame when GW was competitive)

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    Just display another title, lie and say you're rank 3-9. Make sure you don't screw up, your vent works and don't ask stupid question. Bluff you're way through till you actually have the rank. Expect to have a hard time.

    As an added bonus, after getting the rank you'll also have the practical experience necesarry in good teams to actually pull your weight.

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