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    Quote Originally Posted by Squeek View Post
    How come no-one EVER accept a new player ?
    How do people think a person is supposed to get ranked without even getting to play ? :/
    How come you don't put yourself into the position where you can accept or reject other players?

    In other words, form your own teams. Go with Akirai's tip, because while people often demand that a player will show his rank before getting accepted into a team, very few people will demand that the team leader shows his rank (and if they do, just kick them).

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    I feel I got the shaft from WoW and had my account canceled. I will be playing Guildwars again. It has been two years and I have a level 20 warrior. I have 0 experience with HA or any PvP for that matter. I am planning however to start doing it. I would join your team. We can get our butts kicked and enjoy every minute of it. I want a Guild Hall too. People need to remember this is just a game and is meant to be fun. Shouldn't be about excluding people just because they lack experience.

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    ZQuests are making it easy to get fame for new players. Do HA when there's a HA quest (I haven't seen 4-5 dists in ages.

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