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Thread: Russian Spies

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    Russian Spies

    Yep, I'm starting a politics thread, because I found something worth reporting!

    The former boss of the Estonian security system... turned out to be a Russian spy selling NATO secrets to Vladimir Putin's 'Intelligence services'. This is an extremely high government official. And NATO says there have been other Russian spies infecting its woodwork.


    Mr Simm betrayed every secret that crossed his desk. There were plenty: as the man in charge of Estonia’s national security system, he organised the flow of all classified military documents in the country and abroad. Once Estonia joined NATO in 2004, he acted as the Kremlin’s eyes and ears on the alliance too (although his poor English, say some, may have limited his usefulness). He also tried but failed to get hold of secrets from Estonia’s security and intelligence services, which are separate from the defence ministry.
    Scary, considering NATO and the CIS (Russia, Belarus, and their satellites) seem to have such a pistols-at-dawn mentality towards one another...

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    So, NATO caught a spy. What's the big deal..? Anyone here think their contry's intelligence agencies don't have spies in Russia, and vice versa?

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    Oh, I'm sure NATO has spies Russia & Belarus. But this was the head of the security system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aptaleonII View Post
    Oh, I'm sure NATO has spies Russia & Belarus. But this was the head of the security system.
    While that might differ from U.S. State Dept employees or Manhattan Project scientists, one would expect that Estonia wasn't party to all that many operations plans.

    But I could be wrong.

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    Most people don't know it, but Estonia was where they kept the Caramilk secret.
    I know what this was all about. I got it all figured out man.

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