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Poll: Should you be able to see enemies on the radar/minimap?

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Thread: Radar/Minimap

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    So would you guys like enemies to be on the radar or minimap? I understand that if enemies are hidden, then there is the potential for hackers and what not.

    Here's my stance.

    Enemies should not be on map, except maybe PvE for aggro control and what not.
    First off, this is why it didn't work in the original Guildwars. The developers believed it was too risky to do it, because there are some who would try to hack into the game and reveal the enemies, unbalancing the battles.
    A few things have changed though, first off, the dev team is larger, much larger. This means more manpower to fight hackers and patch the game. Another large change is the level. Getting banned from the original game at level 20 is not nearly as severe as getting banned at level 130..200... or whatever. I think since people will invest more time in developing their character, a lot less people will even try to hack it.
    Other games such as counter-strike and such have a anti-hack. Sure, people can wall hack (similar to radar hack) but it is rare, because they will get banned almost immediately. (Please don't comment by saying you have had hacks on that game for years with no problem... no one cares :D)

    I personally would like to be invisible on the battlefield radar. Much more tactics would be involved. Crouching may be used? Some classes are just meant to be played from unknown locations... that's really all I want.

    So what do you guys think? Good? No Good?

    Please comment on what you want and why.

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    Why did you choose to call it a hack. What does that have to do with anything like a hack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simply Kedde View Post
    Why did you choose to call it a hack. What does that have to do with anything like a hack?
    Because it intercepts the process and modifies the hex data. ala "hacking". It's a fairly accepted term for cheating in online games.

    And the reason they didn't hide enemies on the minimap wasn't because they were afraid of hacking, it's because you can make more informed decisions with more information and it increases competitive play. Wow doesn't have them on the minimap because they have this retarded thing called "Stealth".

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    My opinion is that some of the monsters should appear (Ones that arent in hiding, or are attacking.), and others should not show up. (Ones that are hiding, or an ambush party, and the such.)

    Having certain ones show up on the map, and others not will make the game better IMO, mainly because you cant really know where some one is hiding in real life right?

    Take for example you are a ranger. You are waiting for some one hiding in bushes, yet you can be seen on the map. Obviously your plan will fail because they know where you are. But, what if you don't show up on the map while hiding in the same bushes. You can ambush your foe, and the same goes the other way.

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    I'd rather see radar viewing as a skill, or professional ability. The highest being able to see stealthed enemy; the base being able to scan a forward cone, field of view. Everyone should have at least a base ability to see a few rings out front, for non-stealthed enemy.

    I started a post, a few months back on an improved Compass, that is equipped. Different mods added too, different abilities depending on the profession. Etc.

    The range of tactics would improve dramatically were radar view limited. Environmental tactics are what GW is lacking. Mostly limited to JQ and FA.

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    I just see it as minimizing the amount of tactics that can be used for classes.
    I mean, location is important, and surprise is just as important.
    Say you play a rogue or an assassin, even a ranger. It's like they can't be used to their full potential.

    See a warrior charges straight into battle, so he won't rely on surprise. Shadow step is utilized well, waiting just a minute at an unknown location before stepping in seems to have more of an effect. If you don't play any of these characters, than obviously you could care less, but imagine, if a monk could ONLY heal by touch, A warrior's attacks were ONLY as powerful as a mesmer swinging an axe. Every classes needs a little bit of something, if you take away surprise, then you basically make one or two classes fall short of it's potential.

    It might not make sense... but I just can't imagine a ranger shooting his bow down at enemies who knew where he was. Some will trace the arrows back and find him, but that's just one more bit of tactics :D

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    Keep the stereotype of "stealth", "invisibility" and their likes to games that don't have to care about pvp or skill.

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    Things like Stealth are the most difficult thing to do right in a PvP game. Actually, don't think anyone managed to get it right so far. Same with things like Shadowstepping. Adding that with Factions was one of the biggest mistakes Anet made when it comes to PvP. It does add a few extra options, but throws even more right out of the window. Proper positioning being the most obvious.
    However, I can see the other side too. Being able to do ambushes and things like that can add a sense of danger to the PvP side. Don't forget that for the PvE side Anet already found ways for enemies not to show up on the radar. So it is mostly a PvP issue. For PvP the answer is simple, no Stealth. And if you really want to add it, make it so your stealth breaks once you move. That way you can still do ambushes, but not all those bad things associated with Stealth.

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    Not to sidetrack this thread, and revive an old debate. I did PvP a lot in WoW. My speciality was killing stealthed players. There were thousands of rogues and night elves in PvP, This was before gear and stats screwed the system in WoW and most players were running around in blue gear at best.

    In such a target rich environment, a properly spec’d fury warrior could handle several rogues if needed, it was very easy to unstealth them. Shadow priest and hunters were great at rogue control. I had never though stealth in WoW was unbalancing. It only sucked later when epic gear and the stat game (end game gear) screwed balance. Then one player in epeen gear could win a match single handedly. The multitude of overpowered rogues using stealth did then suck, but the balance problem was in the gear, not the mechanic.
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    stealth can be implemented if it doesn't cause imbalance. Now, look at feigned neutrality, heals self and cover one with armor that prevents himself from getting killed. Of course, long term conditions and armor ignoring skills can break a sin who uses feigned neutrality.

    Consider a stealth skill similar to that then:

    Sin becomes 'out of map' and invisible, he gains 5 health regen. This ends after 6 seconds or if he moves.

    AOE can hit him tho.

    This i believe can be a very viable skill to help sin spikes. It is also not as imbalance as certain builds which are already out there.

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