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Thread: bot guild?

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    bot guild?

    for the past week or so i've been seeing the same people at jade quarry. they seem a lot like bots. every single one of them just has charge and dolyak signet with maybe HB. they just spam those skills and walk around the map. so far i've seen 2-3 of the same people who are in the guild. one even just walks toward a base defender and just sits there until the end of the match. i would like to report to anet but i don't know if i should. i've been reporting them for the past few weeks even doing the whole leecher thing but no help.

    don't even know if i should post the names here either.

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    Screenshots, tickets, loads of work

    Botting means permaban, so if you can prove it you can get rid of some accounts. If it's main accounts farming for faction to get the title you would rock their world (in a bad way of course). If it's second accounts farming for zaishen keys and amber/jadeite shards you won't hurt them too much, but still.

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    It'd certainly help the rest of us who are playing, though...definitely /report them, and maybe consider making an entry on the wiki's botwatch page:

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