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    Your Honest Opinion of an MMO -> ???

    I've heard of Twelve Sky before but never gave it much thought. I guess I'm suddenly curious about it (especially since Twelve Sky 2 is coming). I tried to find reviews about it online but came up short. What I did find mostly consisted of "It's awesome" type statements. So... I'm here asking your opinions. Has anyone tried it? Was it good, decent, or suky? Please gimme the juicy details. Thanks.
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    MMO sequels tend to be awful, more often than not. That's all I really know on this subject.

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    Thanks for the ONE reply. Honestly, I find it hard to believe that no one has tried 12-Sky. Maybe GW really is dying.

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    Most of us haven't played GW in a long time either. We're just here for the milk and cookies.

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    I'm allergic to milk and chocolate.
    I'm really only here because I was told probing was allowed.

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    Jade Quarry


    Quote Originally Posted by Baructt View Post
    Maybe GW really is dying.
    That was that game we played before Wrath of the Lich King, right?

    Semi-unrelated, but I sure could go for some new Diablo 3 information.

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    Well, at least I have proof that people read my thread. I'll try some more sites for info on the game.

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    I have never even heard of the MMO. Let alone played the thing.

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    I tried it. I didn't make it very far into the game due to an immediate turn-off. Twelve Sky has no resolution settings. That means it's trash to me. I've played other games from that company, so I was expecting better. Maybe 12-Sky 2 will be worth trying.

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    I've tried 12-sky before, tbh for only an hour. I to was put of by the lack of resolution settings. That, and the fact that I was really p.o. at the bot fest SilkRoad at the time. Just playing another MMo with an oriental feel to it didn't appeal to me.

    I've also tried Shaiya, Last Chaos, and Domo. And I wasn't impressed. For some reason Aeria just can't make a game that does it for me.

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