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    Wink Where's Nicholas?

    Entering week 2 of the hunt... so I guess it's better to start another thread for info on week 2. Stuff are copied from the original thread and in page 1 so there is no need to dig.


    Courtesy of WinterSnowblind.

    EDIT: Duh... I left out what he wants... /facepalm
    He will bleed for 3 bolts of linen. 15 total.

    The original thread by JAMESWMAW for those interested.
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    it helps if you post what he neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds.

    just a thought. >=[

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    Might also remind people that you can craft linen: 5 Plant Fibers and 200 Gold.

    Drop linen: http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Category:Drops_linen

    Expert salvage linen from: http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Category:Contains_linen

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    Perhaps it is worth talking about, if we need a thread on the CDF each week.

    Perhaps something small in a moderated sticky would be enough?


    Week 1 - 23rd to 26th of April 2009
    Where?: Regent Valley (Tyria); south of the portal to Pockmarks Flats
    Needs?: 5 Red Iris Flowers (Pre-Searing/Gwen's Garden outside EotN)

    Week 2 - 27th of April to 3rd of May 2009
    Where: Traveller's Vale (Tyria); south of the portal to Ironhorse Mines
    Needs?: 3 bolts of Linen (rare material/ 200g + 5 fiber at Artisans)

    I could set up something like that in the CL

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    I can keep that updated if people send me the info (or I remember to look up the wiki). A closed or open thread won't matter if I keep updating the OP.
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    Didnt get anything special. Thanks for the share still. :)

    Got still 12 bolts of linen if anyone has problems (not for free though, what trader offer you should give)
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    Gorani, the issue with that is that people may want to post maps to where he is; he won't always be in an easy to describe location.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyy High View Post
    Gorani, the issue with that is that people may want to post maps to where he is; he won't always be in an easy to describe location.
    Can always just update the OP with the latest map though. Takes no extr amount of time if the things already up. (Which is why I thought an open thread that jsut needs the OP updated while people can discuss etc about him with the rest of it.)
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    Each week someone could post the latest map as a new post and Zero can update the OP to the current one. I don't think many will care what the past ones are in the end but we could keep a history if anyone cares. As long as the mods don't care if a thread gets over too many pages (considering the armor threads it shouldn't be a problem,) there shouldn't be a problem.

    I still have about 70+ linen, just don't want to bother selling them.

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    Problem with one thread though is all the discussion inbetween.

    If it was a thread of single posts where to find him, great, but then we lose out on discussing it.

    If we do discuss it, it'll still be a hunt to find the maps/info till the OP is updated, trying to find it on page 69 or 71... could be cumbersome.

    Probably not a problem really...

    Seems I could go either way ...

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