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    He has been found, I'm uploading a screenshot.

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    Jade Quarry

    Blinkie Ponie Armie [BPA]

    Zehlon Reach. North at the dock.... thing. 1 Bowl of Skalefin Soup (2 skale fins) per gift :)

    Map under the tag. It's big, so cutting it :D


    Issnur Isles I seem to be getting a lot of Fins. Solo Rit spirit-poopin' build along the watery sections at the top and bottom. Have to go through a little path of spider buggies to get to the bottom section, but it's worth it. :D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fae View Post
    Zehlon Reach. North at the dock.... thing. 1 Bowl of Skalefin Soup (2 skale fins) per gift :)

    Map under the tag. It's big, so cutting it :D

    I'm shocked. I actually have tons of Skale Fins.

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    I actually have some soup!

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    That makes it easy this week: I have over 500 skale fins in storage.

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    Its easy anyway. Skale fins arent that hard to farm-its probably why you lot have so many in storage, and probably sold more than that.

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    Never have farmed for that particular kind of skale fins, except when Nightfall first came out and that NPC outside Kamadan asked for skale fin soup for the quest. They dropped often, and I just let them accumulate.
    With easy gifts, come lots of sweets and booze ( another keg this week ). The only consolation is that Traveler's Bo staff.

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    Jade Quarry

    Does Nick have personal vendetta for skales or something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by satomz View Post
    Does Nick have personal vendetta for skales or something?
    "Skales, why did it have to be skales?"

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    Hello guys, I farm everything that moves so to bring some build that goes extra quick and give you some variation on the scales :

    E/D this time.

    [Earth Attunement][Glyph Of Elemental Power][Stoneflesh Aura][Mystic Regeneration][Intensity][Shockwave][Aftershock][Sliver Armor]

    EM 16(major r)
    ES 13(another major)
    EP 8

    Just giving this if you want to farm scales really fast, and are a bit bored to use a rit build/smiter/SF sin etc week after week.

    Use them as they are 1-8. walk up to that big group when you leave left from jokanur digging(about 2O of them packed together there) Put on the first 4 spells go and lure them all and then activate the last 4 : they will all be dead in 1-2 sec max, due to earth standing at 18(glyph) and intensity adding another 20-25% of your spells. shockwave and aftershock will clean really fast and then you still have sliver if any gets away.

    But it will go really, really fast;-) give it a try if you want something different.
    Use the same stuff als always totem axe enchants 20% and then offhand 20/20 or +1 earth magic.
    You can solo everything quite fast in nightfall pre with this build.

    Me and my family have 5 accounts so every week I need to farm alot :
    I sell the 25 gifts always or trade them for ecto's-->after 3 weeks I bought yak, took no risks but heared one guy next to me(who bought 10 gifts from me) say : yay ! I have Gwen Doll.. he also proved it by letting it out.

    Another tip if you go for the spirit build for farming nicks goodies :

    Try to use this in the classical channeling spirit build[Agony] :
    I know, this is a fast dying spirit but for farming 4-6 opponents it's ideal in combination with [Summon Spirits] my kurz rank is quite high(11) but not really needed the spirit does immense damage to all 4-6 opponents, if you cast it first but behind the classical ones like [Bloodsong][Vampirism][Signet Of Spirits] and then lure you can constantly revamp his health with summon spirits (2 or 3 times) do major damage allover the screen good old splinter time style and, re-use it when it finally dies. Really, give it a try :

    This way you can go channeling(16)

    [Signet Of Spirits][Bloodsong][Vampirism][Agony][Painful Bond][Summon Spirits] and add whatever 2 extra's you want.

    Granted, the full spirit build with communing is a bit more defense due to[Shadowsong] but I promise you this[Agony] will kill very fast, and it's just a change to keep it fresh.

    BTW add [Feast of Souls] when you play PvE(spawning 12)and you will not need a healer no more.

    Take care and good luck !!
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