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    I just went in with my ranger with Prepared Shot/Asura Scan/Sloth Hunter Shot build and a Resto Necro and Dunk and Ogden as healers...
    Managed to get 2 branches per run, sometimes getting up to 13 creatures if I was lucky.

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    eh, I didn't mean you were exploiting the game...often times words have more than one meaning ya know

    Managed to get 2 branches per run, sometimes getting up to 13 creatures if I was lucky.
    yeah, I get close to 15 a lot, but the glitched timer cuts me short...you really shouldn't need 2 healers though.

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    I know I didn't need 2 healers (3 actually lol) but I just wanted to make sure Toma or I wouldn't die. ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMEPTb View Post
    run easy...no MM exploiting

    I don't see it as an exploit at all. Use of skills.
    yea I'm sure that was what a.net intended you do with the quest
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    Tarnished Coast

    The Order of Dii [Dii], Do Not Revive Asura [Ever], When Zergs Collide [CERN]

    Quote Originally Posted by thowrite View Post
    yea I'm sure that was what a.net intended you do with the quest

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    I ran 2 accounts together, so 4 berries each run. Unfortunately, no icy dragon sword but got the Traveller's Walking Stick.

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    Tarnished Coast

    I did enough minion mastery sacrifice-Olias runs to get berries for my main account. Elder Jonah should be fed to Toma (Jonah kept healing the stupid minions).

    Then I bought 15 berries for my other account, and that was so much better.

    I still hate the quest, but at least I'm done with the whole Nicholas thing for a week. And for the record, just got consumables. I was hoping for a Moss Spider egg.

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    2x5 mystical summoning stones
    5 merchant summoning stones
    5 cottontail tonics (aw!)
    10 bottle rockets

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    I did this on my monk: Mo/N - Parasitic Bond - Necrosis - Strip Enchant - Random smite damage (although, Vamp would have worked fine)

    Target whatever Toma is targetting, Bond -> Necrosis -> Smite damage (do vamp if you aren't Mo/N or N/Mo) by the time i got through with 1 skill, toma would almost always consume them.

    I brought Mhenlo and Khim as healers (they also contributed to damage by wanding). I also brought Morgahn but set him to not attack (I only used him for Incoming + Fallback).

    I'd exit from the side nearest where you get the quest, go up (not to where the bridge is, but kind of between the two bridges). One of the Earth ele Mandragors would spawn, kill it, then go towards the kournan's, but 2 more mandragors would spawn before hand. Kill them, then kill the 3 kournans in the patrol. Continuing in the same direction (away from where you started, but near the town, I believe this is south-east) you should run into another group of 3 mandragor very soon. When you run into them, flag morgahn further out and you can get him to spawn two more groups of mandragor and pull them over. These two groups are of 3 and 2 mandragor. As you finish off these you can then use morgahn again to pull the group of two mandragor in front of the center exit to Ronjak. This is 15 enemies. Many times I got very close, but due to the buggy timer I never completed all 15 (although, I could kill them [feed Toma] in the full 3 minute timer, it would run out too soon).

    2 per run isn't bad (similar to the flowers, but you have to somewhat work for em)

    Gifts I got:
    2x Mysterious Summoning Stones
    1x Mercantile Summoning Stone
    1x Green Rock Candy
    1x Disco Balls

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    Bought the last 5 berries because I got bored with the quest.

    Then got myself a Mini Yakkington

    It all pays back in the end

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