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    Aurora Glade


    I need to start using some of all those summoning stones he gives me.

    Blech. At least I got cottontail tonics, sadly they were not of the everlasting kind, which is what I really wanted (my SO is mad about rabbits, so I figured it would be nice to find her one.) Oh, well, the regular ones should do for now.

    Took me about an hour or so to gather the claws, but I wasn't really being fanatic about it this time, I just grabbed 3 heroes and started killing hydras one group at a time until I had 10 claws.

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    Riposted my way through and got 20 claws when I had gone 3/4 of the area, took about 40 min.

    Just crap from the gifts though.

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    I really should get my 55 monk own there for easy farming, but i really cant be asked to, so im gonna do it the slow way.

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    Tarnished Coast

    Quote Originally Posted by Sjeng View Post
    What builds would you recommend?
    For the record, the build I was using was a pretty standard 55 Spoil Victor build. I added Necrosis in there for foes in other areas -- in some places, the foes will get to just under 55 health, and so Spoil Victor won't do any damage to them. Necrosis works well to finish them off (my necromancer is a Legendary Spearmarshal, so Necrosis does 90 damage). Life Siphon was tossed in there for some reason I don't recall now. I didn't use it (or Necrosis) for farming hydra.

    [build prof=N/Mo][Protective Spirit][Healing Breeze][Spoil Victor][Necrosis][Life Siphon][Essence Bond][Mending][Balthazar's Spirit][/build]

    This build worked well in hard mode as well, a single cast of Spoil Victor was enough to kill off a hydra. Meteors were a pain, but I was only killed once, as I mentioned. And that was due to over-aggro (and too many meteors falling on my necromancer's head).

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    Smite: 16
    Prot/Earth around 10 ish...

    Prot Spirit
    Mystic Regen
    Fleeting Stability
    Shield of Judgement
    Reversal of Damage
    Essence Bond
    Balths Spirit
    Blessed Aura

    I found the KD's to annoying so used the above.


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    Burning Arrow ranger works fine as well.

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    Isle of Janthir

    The Fuzzy Physics Institute

    Earth ele hydra manicurist: [Earth Attunement][Aura of Restoration][Stone Daggers][Aftershock][Crystal Wave][Armor of Earth][Stoneflesh Aura][Ether Renewal]

    You can replace AoR with [Elemental Lord] and Aftershock with [Radiation Field]. You can also replace Armor of Earth with IaU, but you had better not aggro more than three if you try that.

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    [build prof=Mo/D][Protective Spirit][Fleeting Stability][Shield of Absorption][Shielding Hands][Balthazar's Spirit][Essence Bond][Blessed Aura][Shield of Judgment][/build]

    Got them dropping like flies . Not too fast with just SoJ as damage.
    (just 55, 16 smite, 8 earth, 12 divine rest prot)

    And as they don't give burning, you needn't worry about health regen, SoA and SH will do. ( regen alone can't keep up with more then ~6 hydra's at once (HM), so hence SoA and SH).

    I'm freaking going to sue Nicholas
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    are there any hydra farm builds for a sin or a war
    (NO 55)

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    Warrior is a very easy farm, the old builds were dolyak for the anti knock down a decent healing, mantra of flame even worked pretty good before you get into the boaring mending and vig spirit builds.

    These days you can find some other builds like "I am unstopable' and steady stance should do very nicely against the hydra. just bring some healing, passive will do if you are lazy and go kill things.

    I'll post my build if I get to it before the weekend...

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