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    feathered caromi scalps
    mergoyle skulls
    ettin humps
    bog skale fins
    drake crests
    Assuming that it's even an item from the region, since red iris flowers weren't from Ranik area...
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    Isle of Janthir

    The Fuzzy Physics Institute

    Quote Originally Posted by Noname Otakugami View Post
    Hm... what could he ask for around there...?
    To the best of my knowledge, nothing in the N. Shivers drops linen or plant fibers, or anything that salvages into linen or plant fibers except the very rare Alpine Seeds. (Good luck farming enough of those to make enough plant fibers for 3 linen, much less 15. ) Also, there are no Red Iris Flowers anywhere in post-searing Prophecies, and you must either bring them from pre or travel to EotN.

    So, when he gets to Kryta, he will not necessarily ask for some local product. It seems like he's willing to ask for things that can only be found elsewhere, or can be found more easily elsewhere.

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    I had all the Linen I wanted fairly quickly. I salvaged Intricate Grawl Necklaces for 2 fibers each.

    Perma Sin in Wittmen's Folly and you can salvage all the plant fibers you'll need.

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    If it's Kryta. Most likely feathers.
    A lot of feathers, say 150 feathers for all presents.

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    Hope so I've been feather farming & got 3 stacks :)

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    gonna change tomorrow :p

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    I expect it'll be in Cantha or Elona? surely they won't do Prophesies 3 weeks in a row.

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    It looks like he's somewhat following the Prophecies story. If so he'll be in Kryta.

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    Yeah my money is on Kryta. But where he goes from there is can be anywhere if he uses boat.

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    If he is going to be close to L.A., my bet will be he will ask for bones ( because of the undead there ) since he had asked for skeleton limbs in pre for Yakkington. If he is close to Beacon Perch, it will be something from those centaurs there. From L.A., his destination will most likely be Shing Jea Island.
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