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Thread: Guild Rules

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    Guild Rules

    I've never been one for overly complicated rules.

    1. Respect and Courtesy

    Treat other players with common decency and respect. How our members behave reflects on the entire guild and alliance. Remember, the guild and alliance has players of all ages and all skill levels. Everyone was new once, so try to help newer players along.

    2. Chat Etiquette

    No begging for items or gold. Period.

    Ally chat and guild chat are to remain clean and respectful. Good clean joking is fine. Selling in ally/guild chats is frowned upon, unless it's offering something at a good discount to allies. Offering something in chat should not be done more than once, More than that, and it can be considered spamming.

    Nobody wants that in their guild and ally chats. Ally chat is for reasonable discussion, not just typing to see your own words.That is called spam.

    3. Helping

    Offering to help others is always encouraged, and asking if anyone can lend a hand is fine. BUT, don't go asking for runs through missions, that isn't asking for help, that is asking someone to just do it for you. Ask once, ask twice, and if nobody offers to help, then leave it at that for the time being. Try to do things, and if you need help then ask, don't go for help without having tried. Don't get mad if nobody comes to help, it isn't anyone's job to do so. thank people when they help, because they don't have to do it.

    4. Say Hi

    Not really a rule, but a polite request. Say hi/bye in ally/guild chats when logging in/out. This lets people get to know you, and creates a feeling of unity. people also tend to be quicker to lend a hand to those they *know*...

    5. Alliance Charter

    We are also bound to abide by the alliance charter.

    7. Problems

    If you have a problem, bring it to my attention, or to the attention of an officer. If there is a problem with an alliance member, screenshot the incident, and submit that to me. For complaints to have validity, we need proof, not just he said she said... I can only deal witha problem, if it is brought to my attention.

    I try to be tolerant, but if I have had to speak to someone about bad behavior, a second infraction will generally involve removal from the guild, unless there are extenuating circumstances.
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