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    Members check in here

    Just a spot for existing members to post so I know they've made it into the forum, as well as new members to introduce themselves.

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    tru & satai

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    shadow matcher here

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    Uni here...Rdy to spam the threads XD

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    *amoung other aliases *
    here to be the "weird" ** person

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    Terrenden Hunter / Luther Strauss / Captain Blackthorne here.

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    Yo guys! Classy/Grey Poupon here. catch ya in game :P

    hrm lol guess i should get an avatar since i registered on this site 4 years ago lol.

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    noob here.......or ninja man......or whatever you happen to see me as....ready and willing to be obnoxious

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    Force Of Creation here
    Im not playing so offten anymore, but im still with you guys :D

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    Oceanic Here.


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