Melee on top, midline in middle and backline in slots 7-8. What's the point? It's like giving away some of the basic things about your build in the first seconds of playing. In most original builds it's not immediatly apparent which player is healing, which is spike or who does support, but reordering kills that little advantage.

So I was playing with math and 2 prism healers (ya scrub I know :p) which obviously consisted of 8 eles. I thought it'd be wonderful that it wouldn't be obvious who the healers were but my team insisted on reordering.

I monk quite often myself as I don't trust others with the backline and I honestly don't have the slightest problem with unordered teams. If you know your build you know who to prot/heal regardless of place in the party.

So what is it that I'm missing? I believe it's just something noobs do to feel "elite" because the "pro" gw players do it too.