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Thread: Freebies July!

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    Talking Freebies July!


    Greetings community! July is a special month for me, and now it is only one month away! Thats right, in just 30 days the Dragon festival will begin, and with it, my 3 day event! Not only am I hosting a small party in the Dragon Festival weekend, but I am also hosting 2 other giveaways-one for my birthday (14th July), and the other on the weekend of the same week, which should be Wintersday in July! Come join the fun this July!

    The events

    Part 1-The Dragon Festival

    The Dragon festival-a time to reinact the success of the Dragon Empire. Actors dress up as the servants of Abbadon, as heroes from Tyria, Elona and Cantha act as the proud warriors of Cantha. But this Dragon Festival, there is one grasp which isnt an actor-Grasp King Freebies. Many of you may have heard of him as cruel, heartless and hated King. Im sure many of you rejoiced at his tragic death at the hands of the Stone Summit. However, now he has been resurrected. With his army and his former empire in ruins, he brandishes the false name of "King". He now seeks to repay his debt to the community, seeking only to aid the recovery of the scars he left with his former cruelty. Join him in Shing Jea Monastery International district 1 this Dragon festival, with his Monastery of Mystery event. He seeks to begin the process of regaining community faith by showing the community his magic abilities. Come along and enjoy the show! And snowmen need not fret-the King's flaming aura has been extinguished.

    Part 2-Happy Birthday

    On the 14th of July, I will be celebrating my birthday, along with my 2 Canthan Characters which I made on my birthday. Come to Lions Arch (my favourite town) International district 1 for some giveaways, hosted by no other than my favourite character, Mad King Freebies!

    Part 3-Wintersday in July

    Wintersday, perhaps one of my favourite festivals, in my favourite month of the year. Come to the snowball arena International district 1 for probably my final giveaway of the month. General Freebies will be leading the appearance with a Snowball arena crash course, and a series of giveaways. Im sure Blade Radio will be making an appearance with a special event this Wintersday in July in the same district, with real life item and in game item giveaways, so this really isnt a July to miss! Come quickly to the arena before the snow melts again!

    The dates

    Day 1-Sunday 5th July, 7pm BST

    *Grasp King Freebies hosts his "Monastery of Mystery" magic show, with magical tonics, gold giveouts and some riddles, which if solved, could end up with some greens being given away!

    Day 2-Tuesday 14th July 8pm BST

    *Mad King Freebies opens up his court for a birthday celebration! A birthday mini will be given out, along with some golds and some gold, and some Halloween treats!

    Day 3-Sunday 19th July 7-8pm BST

    *General Freebies opens up his Snowball assault course in Lions arch and the Snowball arena this Wintersday in July! Get down there, as there will be wintersday treats to be had, as well as gold and golds!

    *All districts are International district 1
    *BST refers to British summer time, which is GMT+1, or UTC+1. Time converter will be added soon
    *Wintersday in July and Dragon festival dates are currently unconfirmed, and will be confirmed as soon as I have info.

    Other events:

    *Luxon Independence day-celebrate your Luxon nation! Come join the hosts with minigames to start, followed by fireworks, groups for Boreas Seabed and Zos Shivros Channel, followed by another section for Gyala Hatchery/Aurios mines groups, and finishing with groups for The Deep. See more at their event page- http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Luxon_Independence_Day

    *Blade Radio's Wintersday in July-No more information is available, other than being able to say they intend on doing something! Keep listening to Blade radio at bladeradio.com, and maybe you will find out!

    Contact info

    Have feedback? Want to pledge a donation? Have a suggestion? Then why not contact me through one of the following methods:

    *Leave a reply to this thread
    *PM me via forums
    *PM me-IGN Prepare To Burn

    Hope to see you at the event!

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    Any chance of going to Kamadon?

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    Im afraid not. Kamadan International district is always full of traders, I find, escpecially during times like July, when there are many weekend events such as Wintersday in July. I also have a strong dislike of Kamadan for some reason. If you want assistance getting to the places, I can provide help to an extent for getting quests for Kaineng center and to Lions Arch. Best of luck getting there. There should be plenty of time.

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    Update! I now have an aquathlon event, which i decided to create after i myself competed in one. So, here are the details:

    Mad King Freebies is an avid fan of sport, and suffering. So why not combine the two?

    The aquathon was a race set long ago in history, in Elona. A commander of the Kournan Military, John Collins, started the race when he was brainstorming ways to train his troops athletic ablities. He decided to send them on a swim through the treachrous waters at the Barbarous shore, followed by a run up through the Dejarin estate, turning at Mahnkelon to Jahai Bluffs, conecting to Venta Cemetery, down to Marga Coast, through Arkjok Ward to Pogahn Passage, then retracing the route to Barbarous shore for the finish. Before the race, John said "Whoever finishes first, we will call the Ironman".

    The race was a success for 10 years, until the rise of Palawa Joko. The race was then forgotten under the rule of Turai Ossa, as the Commander was killed in battle. However, the King wishes to revieve the great event and name a new Halloween Ironman!

    The course is simple. To start, a plunge into the cold winter waters around the boat scaffolding. After completing this circuit twice, contestans will have to clamber out and start the run around Lions Arch. The run begins by running up the short hill, then continuing past Sergio to the scroll trader. Turn right, then carry on to the Guild Registrar. Down the steps into Merchants row, then up the next set of steps to pass the Xunlai chest. Head for Lionguard Bedo, then turn right, and right again to head onto the coast. Head for the pillars at the top of those stairs leading to the water, then take the left path to arrive at the boats. Carry on to the short hill, and complete the whole circuit again. To finish, carry on up the short hill at the circuit's start, then turn right past Sergio for the sprint finish up the set of stairs, with armen the guide on the right.

    The race will be timed, and players can use their Halloween candy. So come on down for some endurance racing, and become an Ironman!

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    Sounds good - but how are you going to referee it?


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    Good point. I was planning to get a few "race marshals" at certain points where people could to wrong, to make sure people dont go wrong. I will be the time keeper, and record times at the water side, and at the finish.

    So, if anyone wants to help marshal the race, please leave a post here. All you will have to do is stand at a certain place around the course, and shout out any names of anyone who cuts corners too much.

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    The race has changed! The race will now be a triathlon-split into 3 sections over the three days. Here is the info:

    Dragon festival (day 1)-Cycling

    After Grasp King Freebies finishes his monastery of mystery event, players are urged to complete the cycling style time trial-roller beetle racing! The king will make his way to the Rollerbettle outpost, where he will begin running through a warm up with the contestants. Then, the race will begin. People will enter the arena, with one timed run throught he course-from start to finish. There will of course have to be several runs through to accomodate everyone for timing. The top 3 times overall will be announced, and these winners will recieve a small prize-15k for first, 10k for second and 5k for third.

    *Please dont enter again if you have done one timed lap.
    *Please dont enter unless you intend to race.
    *Because this is an actual race course, i cant add any rules regarding cutting corners. Players can also not be disqualified.

    The Birthday (day 2)-swim

    The course details are in a post above. After the small party held by Mad King Freebies, players will be allowed some time to slip into their swimming gear and wetsuits (the water is cold), and prepare for the swim. The course is 2 laps of the circuit listed above. I will try and post a map later. The first 3 people to finish will each recieve the same prizes as above for the cycling.

    *Corner cutting can involve disqualification
    *Please try to practise this complicated course beforehand, so you know what you are doing.

    Wintersday in July (Day 3)-run

    The last disicpline of the triathlon. After the swim and cycle, contestants usually fall at this point, escpecially in the longer competitions where the route turns out to be 26 miles-or more. But how will you do in our in game competition?

    After the party in the Snowball arena outpost, contestants are urged to travel to Lions Arch to participate. Course is the circuit explained above, done twice, with the "sprint" finish at the stairs. Races will hopefully be timed again, with the first 3 winners winning cash again. Hopefully, some quick calculations of times will be done to find the event winner, who will recieve an extra 10k prize money for the shortest time. All results will hopefully be posted on the forums with the seperate and overall times.

    *Course cutting=disqualification
    *After the 2 circuits that finish at the boat area, please carry on to the steps leading to the fountain!
    *Tonic forms are allowed.
    *For swimming and running, players must provide their own sweets or items used to speed up themselves, if they wish to.

    Best of luck! If we have a turnout of more then around 10 in the cycle, the race will continue, but of not, ill have to find a different way to get my 100k to you!

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    really good ideas i cant wait until the birthday event because i only have prophecies, but oh well.. and for the race ill be happy to be a race marshal for the swim portion of the birthday party

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    if you need a judge for any of the races, i have some free time if the time is right.(working from 8:30 till 16:30 mon till fry GMT+1)
    maybe good for the last race, so they don't cut the tracks
    also, IMO in a race speed helpers should not be allowed, simply because that would be an uneven match.
    while one uses every suger rush (s)he has, the other doesn't have any to go by.
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    True. Thats what makes the Rollerbeetle race the best, becaus the only speed they can get is with the skills. However, players must provide their own candy if they wish to use some.

    As for your job proposals, i would love to have Jaskaran for the "swimming" and sorudo for the running. Thank you guys.

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