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Thread: Fountains?

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    The large fountian in Lions Arch is VERY similar to the fountian in the Koddash Bazzer. Did the same people make both fountians? If so what is the signifigince of these fountians and are there names known?

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    Care to post pictures so we can compare? Because off my head they seem different to me.

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    well i cant post a pic becuase im to nooby to know how, but they both have staircasses leading up to 4 towers with water pouring out of them and 1 large tower were the water comes from.

    the fountian in the Koddas Bazzer is slightly smaler then the one in lions arch.
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    The fountains are similar, true. In fact, they almost share the same model. If I recall correctly, it was said somewhere that Vabbi has taken influences of other locations or something like that. I.e., the vabbian fountain is a copy of the LA one.

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    They are copies. I always assumed that they were built by Krytan architects that the Merchant Princes had hired.

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    ohh...i hadnt thought that there was such free travel betwen Tyria and Elona. i thought that the Tyrians only came over to Elona because of Abbadon and the Demons that threatened to destroy everything

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    In fact, Tyria and Elona are connected geographically, they are part of the same continent. In fact, there is a way to literally walk from Tyria to Elona, both endgames are connected.
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    And to add to that, after the events we partake in Cantha and Elona, I would daresay that the human-inhabited regions of Tyria are closer in relations than they've been in centuries.

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    But the fountains had to be transported before the events of Nightfall, Mr. Leon. So that point is pointless in this thread - although true.

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    Transported? What's to say they weren't built there by Krytan architects brought there by the Merchant Princes' coin? And it's not impossible they were built there years prior to Nightfall. Let's not forget the Ascalonians in the Desolation, after all.

    Not to mention, we have no idea how old the fountain in Lion's Arch is or how old those fountains found in Kodash Bazaar or Resplendent Makuun are. Besides that..Going back to the transportation thing..Wouldn't a fountain need to be built where it's going to be built so it can make use of existing aqueducts or water sources?

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