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i'd never thought about using the fences in that manner... Of course the point is moot after i got home from work last night and was informed that all the other core members of my guild team quit. :( perfect ending to a f'd up day...

i appreciate all the advice and help you have given, i'll just have to apply it to the PvP arenas that i do have available unless a miracle happens and i get 6 new members all of a sudden (snowballs chance in hell comes to mind). (and joining a different guild is not an option for me at the current time, it would cause entirely too many problems at home...)

Thanks again!

i posted in the guest thread on TeamQQ forums, hoping that maybe there is a non champ guild that needs a couple of bodies. hopefully i'll have better luck guesting for another guild than i had recruiting for mine...
hey do you need another player/body?
If your interested Msg me i work 2pm-10pm (weekly, open weekends) tho so if your play hrs are around then i cant help =( but if not give me a holler