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    Whats the grouping like?

    I am not big into grouping but i can find it fun in certain games. Is there much pressure in grouping in this game? What is it like trying to find a group?

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    Guild Wars is quite unique in that you can choose to team up with people, or go on your own with computer-controlled helpers. That way you'll always have a team, with or without grouping up with others.

    If you want to find a group, just ask people, either standard MMO-style "lfg" or just asking does anyone need to do this and that. The only "pressure" I have encountered is that people might sometimes ask you to change the way your character is set up. Now, one of the basic ideas of GW is that you should be able to change setup quickly, and sometimes they ask that for very good reasons, but not everyone is ok with changing their setup, so that might create conflict.

    Other than that, people are quite friendly. I'd recommend trying to join a nice guild, though.

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