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    NCSoft Serial Code Problem, Please help.

    Hi! I am a newcomer to this forums, and sorry for asking this kind of question so soon.

    I bought a Guild Wars Trilogy pack cd key in a website that is not NCSoft Store, and crated a new account in-game and started playing a month ago.

    Tonight I logged in to play and suddenly got the Message, "You cannot play this character because your account does not have access to Guild Wars factions. Please visit www.guildwars.com for information about Guild Wars Factions"

    When I double click that character, a window appears in which it says what campaigns I have and currently only EoTN is available, weird.

    Maybe it is because I did purchase the EoTN expansion pack in NCSoft store, but I have been playing all three campaigns for over a month without any problem.

    I made an NCSoft master account for the EoTN purchase but didn't link the trilogy pack cd-key to my NCSoft account and when I try to link it, an error occurs, stating my Serial Code is invalid.

    If anyone got any idea of what to do about this, please let me know.

    Thank you in advance :)

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    When you said another website, do you mean ebay? and did you buy your game dirrectly from another person and not a respectable business?

    If so, you probably got scammed. It is a common scam where you are sold a trail key and not a real key.

    The problem is that ncsoft support will want some pysical proof of ownership. Best case you were not scamed and were just accidently given a wrong code. You should try to contact the origional seller.

    To verify you account codes. Log in then go to "edit account" then check the box next to "manage acces keys."

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    I didn't buy it from Ebay, I bought it from *snip!*
    I have bought many CD Keys there before and there were no problems at all.
    Yeah well, NCSoft approved steam purchases so I guess I didn't get scammed.
    Plus, if it was a trial key, it wouldn't have lasted me 1 month xD
    Anyways I will try what you said Mark, thanks for the advice.
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    Mark, I did that in game and my only authorized Guild Wars releases is Guild Wars Eye Of the north.
    And in the you have added the following extra features, there is Igneous Summoning Stone.

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    That website doesn't even exist.

    And why is it called cdkeys when what you are supposed to be buying is an account...

    This smells fishy.

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    Something is certainly strange here. EotN is an expansion, which means it simply can NOT be installed by itself. You can only add it to an account that has at least one of the three campaigns on it.

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    The website


    looks pretty legit to me. I am concerned, though, that they are not listed at bbb.org

    They send you picture of the key, which shows that the game was a legit purchase and will constitute proof of ownership/purchase for ncsoft support. Ncsoft support should be able to determine what happend to the keys, wich were at some point valid enough for an EotN purchase.

    I noticed that they also have auctions, are these auctions between the customers/customers or customers/company?

    There is also another type of scam, a person buys an account, resells the acount, typically as an auction, then protests the charge, which would take about a month. When the card company refuses the charge the acount is set as inactive and would do just what you are saying it is doing. So did you buy the account as an auction or as retail?
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    That just reeks of scammage.

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    Removed the links because I can't even tell if they're legit.

    All I can really say that can be of any help is that you should try filing a ticket with PlayNC Support, explaining your problem in as much detail as you can. It'll also help that you have your codes on hand, or provide them in the same ticket.

    You can get to PlayNC Support via this link: http://support.plaync.com. Just click the Ask A Question tab to fill out a ticket when you're there.

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